The Essence Of This Whole Universe Is Oneness. The Completely Touch The End.

The essence of this whole universe is oneness. The completely touch the end.

A small part of my book.

In this chapter, I'll share a bit of my story, meaning I'll explain why I'm doing certain things, why I'm writing in this manner, why I'm involved, and why you might be interested in reading or listening to what I'm writing. Essentially, my goal is for doing this to understand clearly why I'm doing what I'm doing, and for us to try to understand together. Whatever I'm writing, I'm sharing something that you should forget first: I'm not doing this for you guys. I'm being honest; I'm not doing this for you guys. I'm doing it for myself because when I write and speak about things, my own understanding becomes clearer. Basically, my understanding and your understanding aren't different. I'm human, you're human too, so just like I can see my understanding becoming clearer to myself, as I write, it deepens and becomes clearer. So, when you listen to me or read what I've written, your thought process will align with mine, and we're not really different. Together, we'll look at reality, trying to see things without any filtering or marketing biases. We'll try to see things as they are, without any manipulation.

I'm trying to write a book or be a part of this website for a long-term game, as I've explained before. Until I've explored all the questions and perspectives thoroughly, I won't let go of this pursuit. And if possible, I might even upload videos down the line. If I can, I'll incorporate my speaking style into what I write because what I express with my body language is essentially who I am inside. There's no difference; there's no filtering. It's 100% transparency, so I'll try to ensure that in my videos, what I say reflects in my body language, creating an energy flow that connects with you, and you can relate to it.

Whatever I write is a part of this website, and I'll add questions on various topics. Until we've explored all these questions from different perspectives, I won't let go of this pursuit. This is my aim: to explore the possibilities of human intellectuality to the fullest extent, up to the maximum human potential.

So, the ultimate benefit in this endeavor is not just for me but for everyone who listens to me. If you listen to me, my thought process will influence yours, and in a way, you'll be helping me too. It's like we're helping each other. The idea is a bit different, but understand that what I'm doing is ultimately for intellectual growth, to think beyond, where you and I are not separate. What I am is what you are, and if you look closely, you'll see that I'm expressing myself to you. So, if you don't understand anything I'm saying, just spending a few minutes reading my blogs each day will bring about changes within you because what I'm expressing is essentially who you are, viewed from a different perspective. So, just change your perspective a bit, and even if you spend just a few minutes each day reading my blogs, you'll see changes within yourself.

Let's talk a bit about my story. Basically, what drove me to do this, what was my inspiration? In my life, I've faced many setbacks, not just big ones but also small ones. Although I've had some good moments, life has also slapped me hard. I mean, love stories are plenty, but to step out of the cycle requires action. Look, nothing in life is very hard or impossible to overcome if you understand that you're being tested, and many people do it this way, sharing their stories in a way that makes you think they've overcome huge obstacles. But the truth is, it's simple. If you can delve deep into your understanding and see reality clearly, you can overcome any problem easily. There's no hard and fast rule that I did something big or amazing. Because I'm not in the habit of exaggerating things, I speak plainly. It's important to note that this was actually quite small, but there was a lot of struggle. Financially, things weren't good, and on the other hand, due to a useless society, I was in bad society. I mean, I used to hang out with people who drank, and I also started drinking at a young age. There were challenges in different ways, but there was a fire inside me that wanted to do something, not just for myself but for everyone, because when understanding becomes clear, you start seeing things as they are. When I was 14 or 15 and started drinking, I was in such a state of depression that for weeks, I would cry all day. I was in a really bad place emotionally, but I eventually came back to my comfort zone, like habits had set in. It was almost like an addiction, something that was ruining lives all over the world. I won't dwell too much on these thoughts because they're associated with memories and feelings that I'd rather not recall. But the point is, everyone faces such situations, but overcoming them is our basic nature, just like humans have overcome many challenges in the past.

You see, there's never an ultimatum in life; you should always move forward according to what is. Because whenever you're attached to an outcome, it will always hurt you or it's not 100% true. So, always move forward in life according to what is, not what you want it to be. As you start seeing reality, every little thing will fall into place for you. It means that you start bringing one question after another to every question in your mind until you reach a point where there are no more questions left. That's called the essence of the whole universe, which is oneness. If you don't have the name for it, it will confuse you further because once you name it, you'll try to define it in some intellectual concept, but it has no name; that's why it's present here. If it had a name, it would mix with something else, creating a concept. Because something can only be called absolute if it can be called absolute; if it could be called absolute, it would. This is permanent. You're not this body, this mind, these thoughts, or these feelings you think you are or believe in. It's what's here and what's here is what's connected in this universe. When you actually feel it, you'll understand that even beyond the field of science, there's an energy that's present. When you experience it, you won't be able to put it into words because you won't have words for it. You won't have feelings for it. You won't be thought. It won't be your body. So, understand that as much as you can control, you can do it at that level. Like, but as much as we can, it can be divided into steps, so the first step is to deepen your understanding to the point where you can reach reality. Then, as your understanding becomes clearer, your way of living will naturally change. Then, only you need to see this thing within you, your work will start. This is the universe we're talking about, it's in every tree, it's in every object, it's in every living thing. When you go into its real depths, your understanding will change, and you'll be in a med

itative state most of the time, not all the time, but most of the time. And the final stage of meditation is just that, when you remove all concepts because that's all an illusion. So, the marketing world has filled your mind with this illusion of meditation. It doesn't mean partying or sitting and meditating. It's fake. If it's not fake, it won't work permanently. It's only working because you're sitting for a few hours, but the rest of the time, it's back to normal. So, this meditation won't work. Meditation means you've seen something inside yourself that's actually here in reality, so that's the final stage of meditation. Where you don't need to practice anymore because practice is something you do where effort is required, where you're pushing something forcefully, so it's not that, and what I'm talking about is something that will be and will always be, and everything is connected to it.

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