The Complete Game Of Life, Is Not Just About Winning, But Understanding This Game Thoroughly

The actual meaning of life is that if you look closely, we've tangled ourselves so much in roles that we understand ourselves to be that role. For example, if you are someone's boyfriend, you start believing that you are the boyfriend. However, being a boyfriend is just a role you're playing with the person who is your girlfriend. The day your girlfriend breaks up with you, that role ends, and a new role begins. This means seeing life as a game, understanding life completely.

The complete game of life, is not just about winning, but understanding this game thoroughly.


Life is like a game. You will understand every decision you make in your daily life as a game. Every decision, whether it's talking to someone or not talking to someone, is a decision. When everything depends on our choices, but when you start taking life seriously, if you want to keep life simple, then see life as a game. Here, everything is defined in a role, like the role of a son is different, the role of a boyfriend is different, the role of a businessman is different. You need to understand something, like if, for example, you have a breakup, you shouldn't think, "Something has happened to me." Instead, you have to give yourself a role you were playing. When the girlfriend breaks up, that role of being a boyfriend ends. You have to always keep yourself separate from the character or roles you are playing in life. What you are playing in life is not who you believe you are. For example, if I tell you that your T-shirt belongs to you, will you believe it? No, if I ask you who you are, you will say your name, but what is a name? A name is given to you. You understand, right? In order to live in this life, to differentiate your identity, what is actually me, I'm asking you to take out your name. Then what will you do? Will you die? No, right? Your name is your T-shirt. If you actually see what is in front of you, like in the house where we have talked several times before, you will start taking your life very lightly because everything is defined in a role, and you have to keep improving those roles of your life. Like a game, we level up in games, cross the first level, then comes the second level, the third level, and so on, which keeps making it more interesting. Because problems start coming. Now, for this wonder...

The problems of life...

As you try to improve things, things will improve, but as you move forward, things will create more problems because when you solve the meaning of something, it creates a new problem. In the same way, as you try to improve something, like if you are a boyfriend and you are giving emotional support to your girlfriend, but once she is satisfied, then she will look at another aspect, and if you fulfill that too, things will be fine in the beginning, but then things and problems will keep increasing for you. But now you have to understand yourself completely because when you see yourself, who you actually are, things automatically fall into place, and then you don't hold onto anyone, let whoever needs to go, go because separation is necessary. Then you start seeing everything as a part of life, like when someone wants something from you, if you fulfill their demand, they will be happy with you, and you will lead a happy life. And frustration will increase when you keep fulfilling others' demands but no one is fulfilling yours, then you will get frustrated. Now, let's try to understand one more layer of depth.

If you are giving someone what they want from you, but the other person is not giving you what you want, then you have to understand yourself whether you actually want what you want and whether you actually need it. If you get it, what will happen? Happiness. What is happiness? Pleasure. Basically, you have to clear your understanding in that way that you can see things as they are because what we want, what you want, you understand, right? Want but what has been planted in you? As an interest, the whole world of marketing has sent you some information, and based on that, you are demanding something. If you see reality, the whole universe is inside you. Just need that understanding, which you are kind of getting from my words, then you understand that I am not who I think I am. Like if you are a daughter, then suddenly your father dies, you will feel sad, and you should feel sad, but after a few days, you will realize that I was just playing the role of a daughter. The day my father died, my role as a daughter also ended, now something new will be created, which I just have to perfect. You have to improve things to be perfect, because if you want to improve the game of life, you have to move forward in the game. There are two options, either you go down in the game, you lose the game, or if you want to win in the game, then you have to move forward, how will that happen? Practice of improving the game. So that you keep getting better, and then you will keep moving forward, so that you will explore the left and right sides of life in a better way.

Thank you.

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