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To Go Deep Into The Truth Of Reality.

To understand the truth deeply, we must observe the depth of understanding. We need to see how much the actual observation matches what we perceive and think. Let's look at it from a scientific perspective: the form of energy I am made of is the same form of energy you are made of, and it's the same form of energy that created this universe. Every tree here is of the same energy form. Just like the layers within our bodies, if we remove them all—our body, our mind, everything within us—once everything is removed, what remains, and what truly remains, is everything that is here. When I say nothing will remain, I mean everything will remain. Because we are neither our thoughts nor our bodies, nor whatever else we believe ourselves to be. What you perceive in yourself will completely disappear if you simply see that everything in front of you and you yourself are all interconnected. Because everything is made of the same energy form, just like different stones are made of the same material at a subatomic level. Our bodies and the bodies of others are of the same level. Everything is interconnected. What I am is what you are too. Seeing reality as it is, is the search for truth, meaning seeing it as it actually is. When I say we are not our thoughts, then what are we? To understand this, I have gone into great detail in this book, trying to touch upon the highest possibility of understanding. Understand human thought to the fullest extent. This is why I haven't taught anything in this book, I have only shared what I am myself. I have shared my thoughts only based on the understanding of where I am, so that I can also grow. Do you understand? Deep within daily. As I grow myself, you will also grow with me. This book is directly connected to my website, so it's a part of it basically. It knows that it's not just mine, it's everyone's, just as I grow there, it's a separate aspect of me. What humans can understand to the end. I want to go there, so it's a long journey, so stay tuned on the website. Not only because it benefits only you, nor because it doesn't benefit only me, it benefits all of us. Like I am reaching the truth, so far, you will also reach with me. The day we all see the truth together, that day a loop will be created, meaning we will all reach the true path that actually exists. So that for the future humans, there is also a clear direction, a path filled with honesty and authenticity. Where there is no selfish motive, but rather selfishness ends. Where you and what you actually are are completely aligned. From Anubhavauthor ~

Simple book is much more powerful than as you think. 

I have made mistakes in this book deliberately, so that it can be proved that I too am like you all.


To fully understand the ego and to live beyond it. Understanding the basic nature of humans, advancing oneself smartly.

When our mood is not right, meaning there are conflicts going on in our minds or when we feel very bad, then we need to see this and understand it deeply. This can happen due to many reasons, and you need to figure it out for yourself according to your personality. For example, it could be because of finances, meaning you're not doing well professionally, or it could be personal issues, meaning your relationships aren't going well. First, you need to clarify one thing, why are you upset? If you don't know this, it will be very difficult to fix it. Because most of the time, nowadays, people don't even know why they're sad; they don't know what troubles are bothering them. This is mainly because of what we keep thinking, why our minds are troubled. For instance, you might watch something pointless, like movies or whatever you watch on Netflix, and you know it's all garbage. You know it's good for your mind, but you still watch it. You might be listening to any random song just because it gives you dopamine, and it feels good at that moment, but it's not good for you in the long run. Because your mind gets more and more narrow, the broader it should be. Because people try to narrow down your mind so much that they try to show everything through one hole, they try to show only one aspect of the situation so that you only get one answer, which is not entirely true. So, you can feel pain, sadness, and senselessness. Because when we understand things in a certain way, we start seeing things in that way, just like when we start watching Netflix series, our mind starts to connect with those things unintentionally, and we also start to think that it must be like that, but things don't work like that in reality. The way things are shown on TV or in serials is different from reality. You tell me, in movies, the hero punches the villain, and the villain falls down. How does it happen in reality? It doesn't, right? So, you need to understand that these people are trying to shape your mind more and more. They're trying to make you wander, but you still need to understand this. Because life is yours, so you should at least understand where you are and where you're going. Because if you don't know where you are and where you're going, you won't get anywhere. You'll basically keep wandering, like a lost person. Because things are being made to distract you like this. Play in such a way that you see things in such a way that you don't go to a hundred places where you don't want to go. So, things are already prepared to distract you, so you need to understand where you are going and what you are doing according to yourself.

Look, there can be many reasons for staying sad, meaning what does sadness mean? Let's understand it first, let's understand it in death. Sadness means why we make anything in our mind, think about it, and call it sadness. You tell me what sadness means, meaning what thoughts are coming into your mind and what thoughts mean, meaning what the woman is understanding in her mind and speaking accordingly. That's what thought is, right? You just need to understand that the way you've seen that thought, it can have other perspectives too, meaning it's not necessary that we see any one thing from just one perspective; there can be a hundred different perspectives, and there's nothing good or bad in it, it depends on the person or situation, meaning you should try to see the situation from different perspectives, meaning try to see the situation from your perspective. Right now, you're a student, so try to see your life situation like this, try to sort out things as soon as possible, meaning focus more on your career and what's right for you, meaning whatever situation you're seeing right now, see it from this perspective, meaning how can we move forward in our life, right? So, it depends on what you are and what the current situation is, and what your personality is, so set things according to yourself, don't start seeing any one thing as useless, meaning you've watched a movie and found that situation sad, but it's not necessary that it's actually sad, set things according to yourself, why are you going according to others, what I mean is don't live according to someone else's thoughts, someone has filled something in your brain, and you're doing it according to that, it shouldn't be like that, you should move forward according to truth, meaning what is the truth that whatever is, see it as it is, try to understand reality and live according to that, see reality and living is very difficult, and it's not difficult, it depends on what you are, because whatever you make yourself, you become that, now according to reality, moving forward means you are walking with truth, meaning you are not doing wrong with anyone, you are growing honestly, and you respect every aspect of your life, your relationships too, now what's good in relationships, what's true, try to look into these things, because we don't know what's good and what's true. Relationship means that two people are connected to each other, now two people clarify one more thing here, that a human being is connected to another human being, and we all are humans here, so we are connected to each other, now you have to understand at the thought level, at the psychological level, things can be triggered, that you have some conflicts, that's your personal problem, but if we clear things and see the truth in relationships, then it's that you don't expect anything from the other person, you let the other person be who they are, you let yourself be who you are,

and you let the other person be who they are, if you're happy, the other person is happy too, not that you depend on others for your happiness or they depend on you for their happiness. We all have a suit of happiness, and everyone should feel happy because of your being.

Sometimes your body will stop you from knowing the truth, meaning sometimes our beliefs are still so strong that we've been holding onto them for years, so it will take time to break those beliefs, and it's okay to take time. It's not like I said something and you immediately leave everything. It's not like that, you need to free yourself from every belief in your mind, meaning put yourself free on every thought, or what I'm thinking, is it actually reality? Try to understand what reality is, meaning what's absolute for everyone, what's actually there, not what we think is there.

The search for reality.

Let's understand reality. See, reality can be perceived differently from each individual's standpoint. It means that there's no single definition of reality because reality is what we experience in our lives. What we're living is the reality. The word "reality" simply means life. It's quite obvious, isn't it? You should understand for yourself that where we're living is the reality. But the complication, the problem, is that you all are excessively living in your own minds. You've created your own world of thoughts. Why are you entangling yourselves so much in it? The problem is that you're disconnecting from reality. Now, when I say "reality," it can be perceived differently by each individual based on their beliefs. Your beliefs bleach reality. Where did this topic of bleach come from? Initially, I was saying to let go of beliefs because they distance you from reality. Now, I'm saying that when you want to see reality, every person sees it through their own beliefs. You need to understand what belief means. It's something you've accepted or held onto for a long time. You've grasped onto that thing for a long time, but you need to understand it deeply. You need to understand whether that thing is actually true or not. Connect everything to reality. For example, as you're reading this book right now, ask yourself if it's just a book or something else. As you delve deeper, you'll realize that the reality of what I'm reading is something else. The deeper you go, the more you'll understand things in different ways. So, our goal should be to open our perspectives in different ways. Don't just blindly follow one thing in life. Explore different things, push your behaviors and thoughts in different directions. Always look at things in a new direction. This will bring clarity to things. You're trying to understand things in such a way that when you delve deep into your thoughts, you'll understand what's actually there.

Now, let's try to understand reality from the perspective of life. As I mentioned before using the example of a book, what you're reading isn't actually a book but a tree. Similarly, when we look at humans, we understand that our bodies are made up of the same form of energy. As you might have learned in science, our bodies are 80% water. So when our bodies are 80% water, what about the rest? It means that what I am and what you are is the same. We are made up of the same energy. The source of energy that I am made of, you are made of, and the entire universe is made of is the same. So, there's no difference between you and me. We are all the same. This is the state of love. I'll talk more about this later. So, to understand reality means to immerse yourself in something. The more you delve into it, the more it becomes yours. Reality is never-ending; it's like infinity. The deeper you understand it, the more it becomes yours. Because, as you can see, if I explain it in a basic manner, like what you're reading in front of you now, you'll just call it a book. But as you delve deeper, you'll realize that it's not just a book; it's something else entirely. If you try to understand how a tree is formed, you'll realize that what you're reading contains a myriad of things. It's not just one thing. Just like humans, we've undergone countless revolutions and centuries of evolution to become what we are. The source of energy that we are made of is the same, which is why it wouldn't be wrong to say that you are divine. By divine, I mean that I'll explain later. So, the reality is that the air you're feeling right now, if you step outside your house and send a message to the air outside, it's still you. The water you're drinking, it's also part of you. Every living organism you see, like a tree, is also you. Because the tree breathes in what you breathe out, and you breathe in what the tree breathes out. So, what's the difference between you and the tree? None. As you approach reality in your own way, you'll understand more and more things. Even work-related matters can be understood in the same way. If you immerse yourself deeply in your work, explain every aspect of it in such depth that nobody else knows, then you'll be so deeply connected to it that no one can remove you from there. This is how you should live with reality. That means you're not looking at things through any belief you've formed in your mind. You're trying to understand the depth of things and reality. It's when you give birth to a thought in your mind that reality begins. Not when it comes to a full stop.

Questioning is the beginning of everything.

Ask questions about everything you encounter, question every belief you've held so far, question everything. If you're failing at something repeatedly, keep questioning until you reach the depth of understanding. Remove all doubts about everything, and you'll delve deeper into reality. Until then, you'll explore reality to the best of your ability.

So, understanding reality means living with reality and moving forward with it. As reality progresses, reality doesn't progress with it; basically, reality is infinite, like space or the universe. You can immerse yourself in it as much as you can. You can drown yourself in it. It's all up to you. So, I'm just saying, move forward with reality because that's what our true purpose as humans is. Now tell me, everything related to our basic survival has been taken care of. Our basic units have been fulfilled, and we're progressing. You can see how much we've advanced as humans and how well we're surviving. Now is the time to understand what it means to be human because there are so many people now that we're overcrowded. My point is that people are still stuck in survival mode, whereas the population has exceeded that by far. You understand, right? What I'm trying to say is, what will happen if I live with reality? Are these kinds of thoughts coming to your mind too? I understand that your ego has taken hold of you. It will take some time to break it. So, read this book slowly. I guarantee that by the end of the book, your mind will have become what you couldn't even dream of before. Just finish reading this book.

Because of the huge population, we understand our basic survival period. I'm made of the same energy as I'm made of the same energy. But we think, what will I get out of it? Look, you won't get anything because you're not permanent in this world. You tell me, will you always live? No, right? What will you get from meeting? Will you always live? No, you'll die one day. So, understand that living according to your own standards is such a moment that you should feel inside during your last moment that the whole meaning has been completed. Understand the direction I'm talking about. Sometimes it becomes difficult to express my thoughts through books, but I try my best to express my thought process so that you can see where I'm coming from.

Let's eradicate this ego from its roots.

Ego means "I".

Now, let's completely eradicate this ego from the root.

Often, I get stuck, meaning that you all have embedded so much in your minds that you're unable to understand my actual meaning. Because it is I who has been confusing you from everywhere. I am referring to things like my house, my car, my dog, my everything, constantly embedding myself in them. But now, it's time to free ourselves from this situation, because what I mean to say is, when we had touched upon a point at a deep level earlier, that there's a state of love, meaning, what we were trying to understand about reality, that we are all interconnected, just as deeply as you can understand objects, you can understand reality to the same depth. So, in the same way, I will diminish your thoughts. I never tried to understand this; nor did you. You've just immersed yourselves so deeply in your ego that you can't even think clearly anymore. You're entangling your minds in everything, trying to comprehend my meaning. When you think about something, it's through my perspective. You insert yourselves in between, wondering about my intentions. You're trying to figure out where I am, what I am. Remember, the day you only learn to be free is the day you'll understand the essence. Our aim is not to eradicate ego from the root but to find a way. If you're grasping this method, it's remarkable; now it's time to liberate yourselves. Liberation, meaning, I'm talking about being in a state of freedom. I mean, everything—the entire universe, the entire university, the whole nature—because "I" and "you" are not different words; they're just given to confuse you. The biggest lie in this world, if you ask me, is that you've understood that you are. The biggest lie possible is that I do so much, I accomplish this, I accomplish that, but you don't do anything. Everything is happening. If you pay attention to what you're doing, you'll realize that you've started to understand things according to nature rather than what I actually am. But what I am is something else entirely. But what I've understood about myself is that I just need to understand it and eradicate it completely from the root, because now your thoughts are molded in such a way that you think about things in different ways, meaning you don't think in a single way; your thoughts have become so narrow in this age that you're thinking like a message. The entire world has been programmed in this manner, and they've targeted you through it. It's not that what you're thinking is a programmed set, but first, understand it slowly to see what you're thinking right now. As you gradually try to understand yourself, you'll try to liberate yourself from within. What I mean is, if you see reality as an example, you and the trees, the universe, the source of energy, from which this entire creation originated, we're all included in it. So, where are we different? Everything is connected. Where does the ego start? When you feel that you've done something, you feel like you've initiated something, you've achieved something, you've accomplished something, but you haven't done anything. There are some rules in this world made by nature that you follow, and something happens, like the basic cause and effect. It's simple to write down the result of some action. I mean that you need to leave your messages that I'm not doing anything; everything is happening according to nature. What you're breathing, what your liver is doing biologically, whether it's functioning or not, if you're not putting effort into it, then you need to be informed in this way to see how big you are, what I mean is, how big you are in your own ecosystem, how clearly you can see this. You can also understand it this clearly.


When you understand these things, it becomes very clear that what you consider to be "me" is actually not in the picture because what you actually are is a bit more complicated to understand. You need to try to understand what you actually are. It depends on the person, on how curious they are from within, how much they desire to know about that thing because what you actually are has been learned to some extent, such as the energy we were talking about earlier, the source of energy, the energy from which the universe was created, the energy from which everything began, and we are made from that energy. So, we are included in it, and we are experiencing whatever we are experiencing because what we are feeling is essentially happening within us. If you try to understand a little more deeply, you'll realize where you are basically trying to understand, where you are feeling these things. They are not happening outside; they are happening within you. So, whatever you are feeling is exactly what is happening externally; what you see externally is the same as what you feel internally. I don't know if you understand this, but I'm trying my best to explain it because I'm only saying what I can clearly see, what I'm experiencing. I'm not talking nonsense in thin air; I'm talking about things I have actually experienced. So, it's about understanding, isn't it? Understanding what I'm trying to convey, what I'm trying to express.

You'll understand how big your ego is within you.

See, you want to be happy, meaning, whatever activity you do, basically, whatever you do throughout your day, you need to see if your story is at the center of it because whether you realize it or not, the world of marketing will manipulate you in every way to inflame your ego. If you feel a certain way or anything that theoretically seems wrong to you, then it's because your ego is there. I've told you, it's necessary to free yourself from it. It's not necessary to think in such a way that the other person has made the purchase; you should also question why they did it. What's the purpose behind it? What's happening with me? Basically, you need to understand the world of your mind, what's happening inside you, is what's actually happening outside. You tell me, what does thought mean? It means what you're talking about, what you're constantly saying in your mind, right? That's what it means; whatever you're saying inside is how you'll act outside, so basically, just understand this, what you want for yourself, what you desire. If you understand this a little deeper, then don't suppress your interests. Because you can desire anything, right? So, look between your desires. Look for what you're interested in, but what's more important should be more significant, what's right for you when you're alone, how will you figure out what you want? You need to understand yourself, at least for yourself. Leave the worldliness aside for now, whatever I've been discussing so far, put it aside for now. If you really want to learn something for yourself, bring some sense into your life, bring some order into your life. Look, now, try to understand a little more deeply. This is not to say that you shouldn't read books, no, read them, understand them, basically develop your understanding of what will keep your life in order, what will make you live better, it should be above basic things.

So now we've understood

 the ecosystem a little bit, as we move forward, our clarity will increase, related to ego, related to every aspect of life, just like I write this book further, my clarity is increasing, and you guys are also progressing with me, seeing the world through my eyes, aren't you?

I'm trying to understand life through this book, basically understanding what it means, what I actually see, along with you all seeing what I see, so now let's look at different respects of life. Now, let's talk about understanding reality. Now let's talk about knowing reality.

Which is basically for students the most and for those who are still part of this race, it is necessary to come out of the race first. Only then will my words reach you deeply.

Survival mode.

Survival, what does it mean? It means that in your life, you are strong in every aspect, strong in all four aspects. You have become stable, finally wise, physically strong, meaning in terms of your health, and your finishing device, meaning your basic survival. Survival, as seen with animals, means what it means for them to survive. For them, it means to fill their stomachs. As long as their stomachs are empty, they will struggle, and once their stomachs are full, they will stop. Now, in our case, what is it? Do humans, like money, meaning breathing, consider it important? It's not like that because some people think in very narrow-minded ways that money is a very wrong thing, or that it will all be useless talk. Money is necessary, very necessary, but making everything related to money in your mind is wrong. Like if we look at it from the perspective of animals, what do animals do? Basically, they know when to stop, when they have eaten and their stomachs are full, they stop. We don't know how to stop. We start earning money as soon as we can. What it means for us is that it doesn't stop us. It makes us not know what to do, but when this thing is recognized when you develop your understanding at a basic level. Like when you know when to stop and when to run, then decide for yourself. So, what I am doing now is just this. If we talk about the basic level now, it is that first, make your financial aspect strong, then try to understand your life's maturity. What does life mean, basically what are we? Actually, try to understand what humans mean. Keep in mind that there might be a big problem related to finance, but you will play with money, you tell me for sure. In this world, to survive in terms of meaning, survive in the sense of living, I am talking about living. There is also a dialogue that life has to be lived or endured, so first, it has to be lived. Then you have to bring yourself to a basic level. Tell me how will you live without money, tell me any planning that you can live without money for a day, tell me someone who is surviving very well without money. Life is nothing without money, so the common sense, the logic of these things, you won't be able to live without money, so first, make yourself worthy of money, meaning, look at everything strategically, see how financially good you are now, and how much you need to be. Keep everything in mind, prepare your mind, meaning set everything for yourself, that I want this, I want this, I want this, this is what I mean, no one wants you, basically, you have designed your entire life with complete planning that basically, it should be like this, if seen in respect of finance, then keep yourself fit, meaning, set an amount, how much money should I have? Now, what is this, your condition will decide, like you want so much money, but your condition will delete it, no, keep in mind that desire and both go together, when you have a desire, then understand that there is still something related to it, because design means that you want to achieve something, and when you get that thing, then it is a design to lose it, but. 

Desire & Fear.

First of all, let's understand desire and fear because how they are related to each other, first understand that you want, want, meaning what you want in your mind, tell me something like that, so the first desire that comes is to get something, I want something, I want something, now when that thing also comes after a lot of effort, whatever way you get that thing, when that thing comes, then there is a fear of losing it, like a very common desire, which comes in the minds of teenagers, that I want a very good big car, I want a bungalow, when these things are achieved, then there starts to be fear of losing them. So, if seen from a very common ground, basically, desire and fear are not different, it is just a matter of seeing it from the surface level, that basically, desire of fear is not different, just understand it in the same way, that you desire something, you are thinking something, and basically what is desire, it is a poison, meaning, what happens with your desire and what happens with your desire, basically, the point does not arise that there should not be desire, we are trying to understand at a ground level what is the meaning of desire because it is not necessary to see every thing in the same way, so see desire as always necessary, like tell me, can you live your life without magic? Until it is green, thoughts will go, so thoughts, what is the design level of that, having a desire is very necessary till a particular age, but when that age becomes good, when everything becomes balanced in different ways of life, like health becomes good, finance becomes good. First, strengthen your life at this basic level, when things are done, then try to understand yourself actually, now let's talk about these basic things in the next chapter, how do we know when to stop and when to run, now running in the sense, the answer is used till then, when you have found out finance, you are not so good now, in the matter of money, it is very important to run at that time, but the problem is that many people forget to stop while running, as you know that many people have a lot of money, but they are not stopping. Let's talk about the next chapter, how we have taken our life to a very good level carrier-wise, basically that chapter will help students a lot in career clarity, and we will talk in full depth about how exactly we can start things from a basic level and where we should stop in our life, you will understand in the coming chapters.


The basic fundamental of life. Correcting oneself before making a mistake. Seeing reality as it is. 

Let's talk about career clarity. How do I exactly tell you now, like if you guys are reading now, if your age is around 15 years or more, meaning 16 years, 17 years, then it's very best for you. Even if you are older than that, then there is no problem, you will basically understand a thought process exactly how to think, meaning the main fundas, the fundamentals I will use related to career clarity, you can apply them elsewhere too, so let's talk about how we design the first step in the career.

First step:

What does 'career' mean? It means that you are preparing such a foundation, such a bedrock, that after 20-25 years, it will become a strong tree for you, meaning you are planting such a seed 10-15 years ago whose fruit you will get 20 years later. Always think long-term and even if I talk about another level above, it is to see what problems are going on in your life right now. If you are not good right now, then first clear your financial expectations. How will this happen? Basically, you have to become a master in your work because nowadays doing one job in one way means losing yourself in the crowd, but if you understand exactly what wisdom means, it means that you are hiring staff better than yourself. See, the knowledge that is there, it means that you avoid making mistakes beforehand, not that you have, what I am saying is to develop wisdom in your mind, so the meaning of taking care is that you are doing something meaningful in your life for your coming 10-15 years. In the carrier chapter, if I talk about the text further, the first step you need to understand is what problem is going on in your life right now, how to identify it, let's understand this.

Identify your current life situations.

Why is this important right now? Because everyone's life situation is different and it is not necessary that what applies to one person applies to everyone. Understand what I am trying to say because if it is not necessary that if someone is 13 years old, then what I am talking about is not necessary for a 60-year-old person, so you have to understand now what is the biggest problem going on in your life right now, in your actual reality, meaning what is the actual genuine problem. Think about what you are actually facing, whether it is finally or in a relationship or whatever. If the career voice chapter is going on, which is related to the career, then we will first clear the aspect of finance. How can we be financially free in our teenage years? Now see, I am not telling you any hard and fast rule, I am not telling you exactly a stone's throw, I am sharing my stand point, exactly what my thinking is and what I am doing according to my understanding financially free means what, what does being financially independent mean, it means you are finally secure, you are free, you cannot be free if you do not have money, so think about it until there is money, you cannot think for yourself, it is not like I am saying that money is everything, absolutely not, because many people will start thinking in this way, that money is everything, absolutely not, it is a sign of stupidity, those who think that money is everything live in a denied mode in their self-made imaginary world, which is not the actual reality, and I am talking about living in this world, actually living in this world, living with consciousness, not in your imagination.

Let's talk about the financial aspect now.

Financially is a totally different aspect. If I genuinely tell you, I will say this only, if you want to listen to me financially, read what I am writing here, no problem, but it will be even better if you genuinely want to achieve financial security, talk to a financial expert, or this clip will be very important, but I am telling you, it will be even better if you talk to someone who is well qualified in this regard, who has actual information in the dept about how financial security can be achieved, but they will not work so deep as you can talk to a financial expert. Because this is a very basic and very important fundamental to increase the probability of success in your life, that whatever you want to do, basically some people are highly successful at a higher level, so there is a lot of chance that if you learn something from them, you will also be able to overcome many obstacles in your life by implementing their learning in your life, so there are a lot of chances that you will also achieve that thing which you apply to, but I tell you, see what financial security means is that you have so much money in your bank, you have so much saving, minimum, so you should have 6 months of saving in your bank always, like if you are doing a job, like if you are earning one lakh now, according to the current situation, if you are reading this book after a long time when inflation has increased, everything has happened, then it is a different matter, but I am talking about the current life situation, if you are earning one lakh now, then basically you should have 6 lakhs permanent in your bank, this is the first condition, the second condition is that you should have a separate bank account for help, in which if you have a large amount of help related to you, then it is good if you have taken insurance, then it is a different matter. If I tell you through my personal opinion, not speaking in financial language, but speaking through my personal opinion, then you should have multiple businesses, that too in a very systematic way, in which your business is growing comfortably without your involvement and you are becoming financially free and everything is going win-win, which is good for the company because the company is growing and it is good for you. If I am from the business field, then I will not talk much about business because a lot of things will come out for that, so I am understanding now about the basic fundamentals, that financial security means that you have so much money that your expenses are very less and your income is very high. This is only possible when you have actually seen the matter outside the imaginary world and understood that there is nothing in these things, like there is a desire to buy a car, on the other hand, you have actually asked whether it will happen by buying it. If you genuinely want to buy it, it is understandable, but if you are taking any action based on desire, then it is endless and there is no direct connection between the joy of desire. That is why if I can come out of this race by living in the actual world of medalists, then I am trying to say something, one is to become a part of the race in a country where almost 99% of people are running away and on the other hand is to come on 1%, who is watching this race by coming out of it, that people are running madly, killing themselves, something is going on and they are ready to do anything and when they know that there is no end to the race or no meaning, there is nothing in the actual world. Now I am

 talking about which race, those who understand will understand, now where does money come from, it comes from choosing the right job for yourself, now how will you choose the right job and how will you actually find out what is right for you and what is not, so let's talk about this a little further. 

How to recognize your work.

First of all, you have to understand your strength, your weakness, your personality, you have to understand these three things deeply as soon as possible, you have to understand these three things at a very fundamental, very root level, that exactly what you are, what kind of upbringing you have and how you think and then act, exactly as much as you can understand yourself as soon as possible, it is better, then only you can give yourself direction according to yourself, which is actually right for you, not what you think is right. Because what you think and what is actually for the job, there is a lot of difference, so move forward according to what is actually right for you, what is good for you, let's talk about this in detail. 

Let's see. You have already understood the meaning, which means you have understood your basic personality. Everyone has their own basic nature, just like you have yours. You have already understood what interests you and what makes you feel good, and these two things should be aligned with each other. It means that whatever interests you, you need to create a passion related to it, and how that will happen is by reading the outcome. This means understanding how far what you are currently doing can go, which means learning about long-term information. Learn to attempt long-term thinking in your mind. Long-term means that you can see far ahead. You are trying to see its highest possibility. So now when you have identified your basic needs related to your career, what you need to find first is what interests you. How will it happen? You have to try different things, not stick to one thing. See where your interest is basically rising, and where your interest, fashion, or all these things align, there you should put your efforts. What do I do? Look, I won't tell you this because I don't understand your personality. In general, what do I do? I'm sharing this with you. Look, I'm not just doing one thing. I'm gathering information related to my friend and executing it. It's not like I don't have many things to do or I have some things, but my interest and my passion align with all of them. Like writing is a basic interest of mine. It means expressing my thoughts is a natural way for me to feel good. So in the same way, whatever you are, first find out what you are interested in. Are you interested in playing games? And not just one field, look at around four or five fields where you can have a long-term vision for yourself, and see which of these can always remember in life that the probability decreases. 


For example, if you do 10 things, then out of them, five will feel guaranteed and four will be there which will not do much, something will happen to them very slowly, but one thing will happen which will be very successful for you. So probability means that out of ten ratios, while knowing your own personality, move forward according to what you are actually good at. Keep in mind what you have been doing related to that thing till now. Like, if you have been doing a lot of work related to graphic designing till now, your past experience says that you are quite good at graphic designing. Now, look at the potential of that particular field, meaning what potential it has. If you become the best graphic designer, then where can you go basically? Considering the result and potential, move forward. See if it doesn't seem enough for you that you are not getting as much as you deserve, then see how to move on, how to switch on it. Meaning, while staying in graphic design, see how you can improve your results here, and then how to move forward in something where you can always move forward according to what you see in your vision. 

Like, if I take my example, I look at my writing related field. Its result is very big, very much. You can see how many successful people there are related to writing, but I never look at my writing's feel professionally. I don't look at it as my job, understand? I mean, I don't want to make my writing field my job. Understand that job means it's not like the kind of work I want to do. When you understand that in my mind, for me, fashion and profession are both different things, and I invest my money in my passion from my job. Meaning, whatever I am doing right now, writing, etc., for all of them, I am investing my money from my job. If I'm not earning from them, then for me, these things are different in the fund. Meaning, for me, it's a profession from which I will earn money, but I will always earn money from my passion. Because passion is like a prayer. But we will talk more about this, how we can keep our passion and profession separate in our mind. Now let's talk about the profession because right now, money is most important for us, isn't it? If there is nothing to eat in the plate, then talking about passion is useless.

See, if I tell you more deeply, it's not like there is a hard and fast rule that you have to do this work. Try different things. See what background you come from and move forward according to it. Meaning, while staying in an industry, try different products. Meaning, if you come from a particular background, like for example, we took graphic designing earlier. Graphic designing is a background, now it has become an industry of graphic designing, right? Now you have to try different things in it, try different products, understand? I'm linking it to one thing to another in a broad perspective in your mind that while staying in one thing, how can I try different things and how can I find my work for myself and basically when passion joins with interest. Then it becomes interesting on its own. 

See, here, how mental ship will work, meaning how to find out whom to learn from because learning is must be important, right? Learning means what you understand by learning. If I go into depth, it will become a completely different concept, right? Because learning is a totally different concept of these kinds of things. Here, how you use it is what matters, meaning what you understand by it. The whole game is connected to understanding. You will understand. It means you are observing, you are actually trying to see what that thing is. Please understand the concept of learning deeply first.


The meaning of learning, according to people's definitions, can vary. For some, learning might simply mean acquiring information—reading or hearing something and that's it, you've learned it. But what does it truly mean to learn? I'm not asking if you've learned something by memorizing it; rather, what does it mean to truly understand something? If we call this learning, then what does "growth" mean? Learning and growth are intertwined; the essence of learning is growth. It means continually advancing, striving to understand the actual depth of things. When you attempt to delve deep into observations, when you try to see things with utmost attention, your mind internalizes them in such a way that it starts implementing them. It's not just about superficially learning something by merely reading or listening; that's just feeding information into your mind, akin to consuming news. True learning means going deep within, grasping the essence of things. 

When you immerse yourself in understanding, you're trying to fathom the actual depth of the subject matter. When you reach such depth, your mind starts contemplating how to implement those insights. For instance, if you've learned something superficially, you might have heard it or read about it, but that doesn't qualify as true learning. However, when you make an effort to understand my words deeply, to comprehend the meaning behind them, you're truly learning. You're trying to grasp the perspective from which I'm speaking, what image I'm painting in my mind, and what I'm trying to convey. If you can capture the essence of my words, not just the surface meaning, then you're truly growing because you're contemplating how to apply those insights in your life. 

Learning is like an ocean; it has no bounds. You can keep learning endlessly. It's not necessary to learn only by reading or listening; you can also learn by observing. You can learn from animals, from other humans, even from yourself. That's why I say you can learn all the time. For example, as I'm writing this, I'm also learning. I'm not entirely aware of what I'm writing; it's flowing from my mind as I go. So, learning is directly connected to understanding. The deeper your understanding, the more you comprehend, and there's no limit to how deep your understanding can go. That's the beauty of life—to explore the extent of your comprehension.

Now, how do you translate this learning into your career? You need to program your mind to focus solely on what's relevant to your career field. When you're clear about your goals and why you want to achieve them, you must understand how to keep your mind focused solely on those goals until you achieve results that astonish even yourself. However, remember that reality can be harsh. Just hearing or reading won't bring about any change. It's like having a toolkit; the more tools you have in your mind, the better equipped you are to deal with life's challenges. But simply having the tools isn't enough; you must use them. Taking action is essential. Without action, nothing happens. You need to push yourself, work hard, and slowly but surely, as you start implementing what you've learned, things will become clearer.

Clarity of implementation is crucial; execution is a must.

How to carry out your work in such a way that its outcome is understood entirely in terms of positive numbers, ensuring that the outcome is not so bad that it drastically affects our service. Handle the task with such understanding that when you execute it, you feel as though you know exactly what it will lead to. The meaning of implementation is designing its structure in various ways, understanding the methods to be used and their outcomes. You are figuring out which approach will work best for you. In business, they say that an idea is only 1%, and 99% is execution. You analyze strategies and try to discern which ones to apply and which to discard, aiming for results that meet expectations.

In the implementation phase, patience is crucial. It's about how much patience you have within yourself, controlling your thoughts with stability. Redirect your thoughts in different ways, like choosing from a thousand paths to reach one destination. You need to guide your thoughts in various directions to test and understand them. If one approach doesn't work, you try another until you find the right path. The most important aspect of this is controlling your thoughts, maintaining efficiency and courage in directing them towards understanding.

In business, the first step is to identify your niche and understand the market size. Delve deep into the problems consumers face and start from there. It's essential to ground your thoughts and grasp their significance. You need to learn to pause, as in life, the ability to stop is more important than running. Take a moment to relax and observe your thoughts objectively, as if you were looking at them from a third person's perspective. By doing this, you can understand what you're trying to convey and become a new person, shaping your life the way you want it to be.

To bring clarity to your thoughts, it's important to slow down and analyze them. Every second counts, and every moment is an opportunity to restart. Dedicate an hour each day to introspection, observing your inner thoughts and feelings. You don't necessarily need to study extensively; instead, focus on understanding what's within your control and what's beyond it. Recognize the difference between the two and concentrate solely on what you can control. Let go of things outside your control and focus only on your work.

Now, let's talk about implementation. Implementing is like structuring your thought patterns. So, I brought up the topic of thoughts because until you grasp them clearly, you won't be able to execute them properly. So, the first step is to learn how to think clearly, touching upon another deep dimension.

How to think clearly.

What does it mean to think? It means you are observing your own thoughts, attempting to understand what exactly they are. The first thing to understand is the meaning of "think" - basically, it's what you constantly tell yourself internally. If you were to stop speaking right now and try to observe your thoughts, you'd see that your thoughts are essentially what you're trying to express internally. We often try to express so much internally, and that is what thought actually is. What are thoughts based on? Thinking is based on information - the information you've been exposed to so far shapes your thoughts. Now, let's talk about what "clearly" means. It means trying to think without filtering, such as in your message, where you're talking about how vast the world of advertising is in today's time. It's something one cannot even imagine, somewhat like the concepts brought up by "The Matrix," where something has been created that is directly or indirectly harming you. So, understanding biases means you're thinking in a filtering manner, where you're not actually seeing the thing as it is, but creating an illusion first. An illusion, meaning creating a way of thought functioning, where people are kind of influenced by the world of advertising and are trying to think through its lens. Now, how to think without filtering? It means seeing things in the way they actually are. For example, if you're reading a book, one way to describe it is to call it a book, which is what it actually is. On the other hand, if you start calling it something else, like something you heard in an advertisement or something related to cricket, it might seem like you're sitting on it, but is that actually happening? You all know it's a book, so you need to see the reality as it is. Reality is not black and white; it's not just yes or no. Reality is always deep down, but to see it, you need to be capable of seeing how things are actually. You can only have a thousand perspectives on one thing, and out of those, none might be right or wrong. It's about rising above those things and starting to see what's actually there and realizing that there's not just one thing. There are many things. We're talking about this book now, so for you, are books actually books? As I mentioned earlier, this tree, because as many eyes as there are, the paper of this book is the tree, and the energy from which the tree is made is the energy for us. This is what's happening in reality, is the end of spirituality, trying to see what it's saying. So now, as you're reading something, see how much you can understand. You are the source of energy in this universe. Now, let's talk about not thinking in just one direction; don't think in yes or no. Think in both here and there. Try to touch upon different dimensions of things, meaning not just seeing things in one way or another, but seeing them in various ways. As I said, try to expand your thinking as much as possible.

Because clarity doesn't just mean you're thinking straightforwardly and strategically, no. Clarity means you're trying to see what the thing actually is without biases, without being influenced by any other thoughts. You're trying to see it as it is, and when you take action in this manner, you'll see for yourself that the things you thought were only one way actually have a thousand ways. So, you can also look at career-related aspects in this way, that what I'm doing has a thousand ways and a thousand temples. Everything is there; you just have to put a little pressure on your thinking (laugh).

After directing your thoughts in the right direction, how do you make the right decision?

When clear, the meaning of clarity in every way is that you are one hundred percent clear, not even 99%, but one hundred percent, meaning you exactly know what I am doing and what will happen to it. This is called clarity. Now, when you know the answer clearly, you touch every time of your mind, and when you understand your thoughts finely, you understand the information, and when you understand the cause of your thoughts, you can observe the things that were supposed to happen with clarity. What was going to happen can be observed closely, which actually is not what you are understanding, nor what I am talking about. For example, when you logically look at things, meaning you try to see things as they are, not entangling your thoughts, you exactly see things. When it comes to making a decision, it's best because making a decision means that you are descending on one confusion, meaning exactly you say that if this happens, then this decision is the best, just like right now I am writing, after you write for me, the book gets published, so I know that I am writing, I will publish it later, so it's exactly knowing what will happen by doing this, so the chances of decision are almost hundred percent. When almost every aspect of your career becomes clear, that I am in which direction and in which direction I need to move forward, then it's best to make a decision to go with it, to try it now, then try it in different ways, and always remember to keep in mind that the problem that has arisen is fixed, no power in the world can stop problems from entering our lives. Like right now as I am writing, people who write, their books cost a lot, but I hardly buy books, right? So, if I think like this, then I won't be able to write, right? So, you need to think about the impact of what I am doing, success or failure is not in my hands, I just have to take the process in my hands, which I can do with dedication and speed, everything is in my hands, meaning the process is always in your hands, 100%. Now, basically, the fundamentals are becoming clear, meaning let's see step by step, first you need to know your personality, as much as you can, then your strengths, weaknesses, then you need to decide on your field, whether it's a broad field or a specific one, as I explained, I am in writing as well as in business, you can also do something like this, focus on fixing one thing, because probabilities always decrease, so keep trying different things, who knows which thing will be successful where, so always keep quiet about your process, leave success and failure both, just focus on your work. We'll talk about this in more detail later, just focus on your work so that your mind and attention don't get diverted, meaning even if success comes, let's stay as one, and even if there's failure, let's not break completely, let's always stay together. We know that both are not in our hands, because when success comes, you must have seen that most people's minds get messed up, and when failure comes, they break completely, I am talking about how to develop this mindset, we'll talk about it later, so now basically when the fundamentals are becoming clear, first you need to know your personality, weaknesses, students, then after knowing all these, after deciding on your field related to career, then after thinking about it, you need to go with your clarity view, what exactly, then make a decision, then start taking action, meaning you need to work hard there, work smartly. Understand my words as a tool, understand my thought process, and improve your life accordingly, basically not my words, but the way I say them, meaning try to understand the meaning behind my words and adapt them, so that you can exactly understand what I am trying to say. Now that you have understood where to start from, how to run the life's car, now it's about where to stop it and where to keep it, meaning most people have learned to move forward, but haven't learned to stop themselves, now why stopping is necessary, let's understand that with an example, when we used to face difficulties earlier, like if an animal attacked us, what invention did we make to find a solution to that thing? Tell me, a weapon, right? Like as technology progressed, we evolved, generally then we made more and more weapons, so the same weapons that were there, aren't they against us humans now? Understand, basically we don't know how to stop, we have learned to run, we haven't learned to stop ourselves, now stopping is very important because if you don't know where to stop, then you can't stop yourself from being destroyed, no power in the world can stop you from being destroyed, nothing can stop you from being frustrated in life, nothing can bring peace to your life, right? Tell me, if people who earn a lot of money every day, are they peacefully living their lives, is there peace in their lives? I am not saying that if they are living their lives in their own way, then it's fine, but I am saying that if you want to actually live with happiness, then you should know where to stop. Because money increases a person's greed to such an extent that a person forgets who they are, money becomes everything at one point, living, meaning it is necessary for everyone to survive, right? But when money starts running in the mind day and night, then that thing is wrong, I try to remove that trigger. So, know when to stop in your life from this greed.

So, see where to stop in your life. When you actually know what you are doing and what will happen to it, and how much will happen, because in this world, neither are we humans here forever, nor is anything permanent in this world.

Chapter 3.

Understanding business so that you can think strategically. Because think according to reality, not what you believe.

So where to stop in your life with this greed.

You see, where to stop, when you actually know what you're doing and what will happen because in this world, neither are humans here forever nor is anything permanent. So, you have to understand that we're all part of a race, meaning a race that has no end and no one will be happy in the end. So the point is, whatever pace you're running at, you need to see that even if you win the stress, you still won't be happy. So what's the point of running this race? The one who is running is foolish, and the one who is winning is also foolish. Your biggest motive should be to get out of this race first. I'm talking about the Majestic thing, you might relate that you need money, right? So, you'll have to run for money, but when your needs reach a certain level, meaning when our needs are fulfilled to the level of our actual capabilities, then you need to dilute yourself in different ways. Now, I'll talk about moving forward, like how to build structures that work for us and make us completely free. I'll talk about this further. For now, if you're above your money, at least know what investment is and settle down with a belt according to your needs. And you should have enough money so that you can live your life as per your needs, without any financial obstacles, and you also need to secure yourself in different ways. Like, you should have health insurance, life insurance, etc. So, secure yourself completely. Now, you need to focus on what to invest your mind in, how to get out of the race because there's nothing in space, first fulfill your desires, whatever you want to achieve in life, achieve it, there's no problem in that, just go and see for yourself if you really want that thing. If you're doing it, then it's okay, if not, then come back and study again. I've heard many people saying when should they enter spirituality, I say first win something with your money, first fight this battle, and then when you reach a certain level, then start understanding spirituality. There's no difference between us, you'll understand if someone is doing wrong and moving forward, then you'll do wrong and move forward, and he won't even know that he's doing wrong. The lie has been repeated so much that it's starting to sound true, and people have held onto it so strongly that they can't see how big a lie it is. They're influencing you and taking so much money from you, how much of it is true, how much of it is a lie, but you're so blind in this race that you're just following them and taking your money with you. You should also do these things, which are very much inside me, I don't fear anyone, I'm an honest person doing the right thing and moving forward, there's no need to be foolish, you need to be smarter than that, you need to understand what someone is saying, what their intentions are, and what are the major things behind it. When someone wants something from you, then you need to understand if it's for your benefit or not, you need to open things in your own way and understand what that thing actually is, because if you don't understand it yourself, how will you move forward, develop your understanding now. If you've been reading my weekly book so far, then your understanding must have become very deep because I don't just talk nonsense, I express what I actually am, what's the difference between you and me. Right now, tell me what's the difference between us, why have we seen each other? If someone is doing something wrong and moving forward, then we will do something wrong and move forward, and if someone is doing something good and moving forward, then we will do something good and move forward, so we have to open things and see where we can reach, we have to live life completely, without fear. Maybe your thinking has become very deep, if you've been reading my blogs so far, because I go very deep into them, so the kind of understanding that opens up is matched with the basic fundamental of all of us, I'm talking about the same things that I actually am, there's no difference between your and my words. Now, what's there to say that we've all become so blinded by each other that if someone is doing something wrong and moving forward, then we're also doing something wrong and moving forward, and that person doesn't even know if he's doing something wrong or not, meaning the lie has been repeated so much that it's starting to sound true, and it's become so strong that people can't see how big a lie it is, they're influencing you and taking so much money from you, how much of it is true, how much of it is a lie, but you're so blinded by this race that you're just following them and taking your money with you. See, you should also do these things, which are very much inside me, I don't fear anyone, I'm an honest person doing the right thing and moving forward, there's no need to be foolish, you need to be smarter than that, you need to understand what someone is saying, what their intentions are, and what are the major things behind it. When someone wants something from you, then you need to understand if it's for your benefit or not, you need to open things in your own way and understand what that thing actually is, because if you don't understand it yourself, how will you move forward, develop your understanding now. If you've been reading my weekly book so far, then your understanding must have become very deep because I don't just talk nonsense, I express what I actually am, what's the difference between you and me. Right now, tell me what's the difference between us, why have we seen each other? If someone is doing something wrong and moving forward, then we will do something wrong and move forward, and if someone is doing something good and moving forward, then we will do something good and move forward, so we have to open things and see where we can reach, we have to live life completely, without fear. You have to use desire for your benefit, but with this awareness that you should not be attached to desire.

You need to use desire for your benefit. But with this awareness that you also need to be detached from desire.

See, if you haven't achieved financial freedom yet, then first focus on financial freedom. Now, you might be thinking, what does financial freedom mean? Financial freedom means being free in every way, from money and from free time, and being able to do whatever you want. I'll talk more about freedom later, but if I have to explain it in a nutshell, freedom means being free in every way, financially and with free time, and being able to do whatever you want. How is this possible? You need to create different systems, create businesses, create income sources that work for you, and exit from them when they are operating well, when they are managed properly, when the structure is formed perfectly, then you can be free from them. When money doesn't bother you mentally, then you are free. Even if you do anything, it's possible. If you have doubts in your mind whether this can happen or not, it can happen 100%. Go and see what is actually happening on Google. You only see as much as is shown to you from the perspective of your society, that you only live in this zone, but if you actually go out, why go out when everything is on the phone in today's world, just Google once to see what is happening at what level in this world. Then you will be surprised. So, it's also possible that you actually live with freedom, and kind of, I'm also living my life on this principle, and I will keep living. Like, personally, if you ask me what my goal is, it's like what should be the goal of an idli, meaning, it should be round like an idli. That's how it should be, meaning, it should be round like an idli. People should achieve their financial freedom before the age of 30. Meaning, if someone is a student now, then what should be clear to them is that they want to be free from money or they don't want to work for money. Then you have to play the game wisely, basically the meaning of life is to understand as soon as possible what life actually is. Until you die, you still have time, until then, time is there, it's true. Until you can do whatever you can at the level you can, at least try, trying never hurts. And if I delve deeper and touch upon another deeper dimension, it's all about trying, all these words of failures, trying means what basically. If you have to do it, then you have to do it, just decide and it will happen. If your age is 18 years now and you have to retire at the age of 30, then you have to, it's fixed, then you have decided, so then that system is there, meaning you have to do it, then do that thing with full intensity. So, if you actually understand what I was talking about when I was saying to stop, then you have to understand what stopping means. Look, stopping, I'm talking about coming out of the race for money, because money will give you happiness up to a level, but then it will also get stuck, so kind of, what should be everyone's ultimate goal is that, but leaving the focus on money is also foolishness, so keep money aside, keep it in your mind, but don't remove it, because you can't live without money, can you? Tell me, can you live without money? No, right? So, the point is that I'm not misleading you. If someone is talking to you in this way that they don't want money, they want to give up everything to live, then split in half, just focus, they are just making you foolish, they are taking away the direction of your life. Look, if someone has to tell something, if they have to give you something, then they give it, they don't see. Meaning, those who need to talk clearly, talk clearly and they do it based on ground reality, you will feel around them because they are actually talking about things that are actually true. Now, what is the truth? Like, if you are listening to me, I'm not holding any air talks, I'm talking about what is, so in this way, you should understand this.

Doing businesses.

Thinking about why business is necessary is very important because if not now, then later, even if you are doing a job, but understanding business is very important because there is nothing without business, tell me, the job you are doing is not a part of business itself, it is a part of business. So overall, whether you do business or not is your choice, but at least you should understand how things work because if you don't know how things work, you won't be able to explain your thoughts in this way basically when we are living in reality in this world then we should know how things work here and this also gives you a perspective, it means it also gives you a thinking that how things actually are, do you understand that business has many benefits like your strategic thinking develops which means that you can not only solve problems in business but also solve your personal problems in your life and see things more clearly, there is not only one benefit of business, there are many many benefits, you just have to program yourself to do business, that your mind becomes like this that it can see opportunities and recognize them because this is one of the best qualities in forever because if you can't recognize things by seeing them, then you can't understand them, don't understand what I am trying to say, then the thing is that you have to program your mind in this way that it should move towards the problem, meaning you have to increase the observation power, you have to increase it so much that when you see things, only then you can understand them, because your mind should be open for opportunities because you don't know at what time what will happen with you, so always prepare yourself for every thing, because if you are confused, then you are not confused because I was talking about spirituality earlier, not worldliness where everyone is running, don't get confused, but what I am saying now, if you are understanding my perspective, then everything is becoming clearer to you, what I am saying is that by staying in this race, first of all, you have to understand what is actually happening, you have to understand it completely, you have to make yourself in this way because your family is also responsible for you, that's why I am not confusing you, I am making it clear that how you create a balance in your life while creating every single thing, understand that until there is no money, everything is useless because I have personal experience in this base, so I am saying, do you think about business, right? Business is actually a broad term, if seen, business is not just between two customers, that you sent something and the person in front bought it, so business is that sometimes there is such an opportunity that is perfect for you and you can't miss it, meaning you are already prepared for everything, and business has to tell you just profit, look at all the things that can open up from business, actually, if you see the country's space, it grows on it, it grows on economic development, like the Industrial Area does not open companies, it generates employment, and on their basis, the country's GDP increases, so business is not just one thing, business is a very big thing if you understand it actually because business is a reality off dis country, if seen from an objective perspective, so I will try to make business as clear as possible to you so that you can do it and additionally you can gather the information you need, but you will also get a small perspective from here that what is business actually and how does it operate.

The Businesses.

The victory in business is that thing which is in the dealings, meaning that you have sold something to someone and the person in front of you has bought something from you, but this is also called business, but if seen from the creator's mindset, meaning if seen from the mindset of strategic thinking, then what is the definition of business for him, solving a problem without a problem there is no business, look at the gap in the problem and you are filling it in this way, you are filling the problem of the person in front of you, as no one else is doing.

The Businesses.

Business is something that involves transactions, meaning you have sold something to someone and the other person has bought something from you, but this is also business. However, if we look at it from the creator's mindset, meaning a strategic thinking mindset, then what is the definition of business for them? Solving a problem without a problem, there is no business, there is nothing. Look at the gap in the problem's language, and you are filling it in this way, solving the other person's problem in a way that no one else is doing. Let's understand some basic functions of business. Exactly at what level do businesses operate? Because once you understand the ground reality, then once you understand everything, you see, in essence, it's all the same pattern everywhere. And if you understand that pattern once, then when you see something and understand that it's good or bad, everything becomes clear. So, in business too, there are certain patterns through which things operate at the ground level. If you understand them, then everything becomes clear. If I speak in the language of business, there are four Ps in it, meaning the first product, place, price, and promotion. Product means what solution have you actually come up with to solve the other person's problem, and place means how you are reaching your customer, your distribution, etc. Then comes price, because price matters a lot. If you overprice, the customer won't buy, and if you lower the price too much, the customer still won't buy, so price matters a lot. Then comes promotion, how are you marketing it? So, these are very basic fundamentals. I won't go into more depth, meaning I won't explain business terms in such a complicated way that you get confused, because this is not a business book, this is basically a book about personal growth. Because I won't delve too deep into business because this is not a business book, but it's important to have some understanding because business is the reality of this world. We should know at what level things are being opted for and how they are being done, so let's try to understand. Like we just understood that selling something to each other is also a business. It's about understanding, what problem are you solving for the other person? And the perspective of those who have actually built big businesses, if we look at their books, if they have tested the same thing and if they also have the same perspective that when you find a problem and try to solve it, the customer comes to you automatically, then that's what a strong business is, not you going to them. So, overall, it can be understood as a structure, a system created by humans for humans, you understand, some techniques we create so that something can be produced, something valuable can be given for the benefit of others. Always remember in business, it's a very basic logic that when we are doing something for humans, think about it in their interest because in business, the biggest flaw is that whenever the name of business comes up, the first thing that comes to people's minds is greed. The greed that is attracting you towards doing business. Tell me, will you do business without money? If the answer is yes, if you still want to do business even if you don't get anything, then I'll do it. It means I'll still think about giving to the other person, actual personality, if you have this kind of thought, then understand that you are meant for business. The thing is, see, understanding business in different ways means you are structuring your thinking pattern in different ways, forming it so that you can think differently, understand? In business, it's basically all about checking how you are strategizing, planning for the other person, and focusing on your implementation. If I understand correctly, there can be two perspectives in business. One is that you are solving someone else's problem, and the other is whether you are focusing on your implementation. If I understand from my understanding, both are necessary, but if I understand from a basic fundamental, exactly how to start something, we'll understand from the beginning how to start a business and how to delicately handle our work so that your business keeps operating without you, and you focus on some other tasks. Understand, in business, the struggle compared to a job is much more, it's a headache, everything is more, but if we look at the report, you get everything from a job. You get freedom. I won't get it, but you have to put in the negative as well and think about it in different ways, and you'll have to do some things that you don't like, but you still have to do it, you understand?

Let's start.

You need to understand your personality, what is your unique selling strength, meaning what exactly are you, what can you be, maybe you like singing, you understand? I'm taking an example, but if you create a product that completely aligns with your personality, then you won't even recognize it. So, it's very important to have an interest in what you are doing because you will be doing it for a long time, basically it should be like a relationship, then you will be able to play a long-term game. When you understand what exactly your strength is and your interest in it, then you should do those things that align with your personality. When you do that, when you set everything right beforehand, then you'll see in which category you are going to enter. Just like antivirus, the first thing to do is gain business-related knowledge. Give yourself a time limit, like a month, I mean, as much as possible, focus on the category you are going to enter. You can get as much knowledge as possible about it, think about how things related to it can be approached, I'll try everything, meaning I'll learn everything and learn it sincerely. Attitude should be kept in mind, learn everything, because you can only see how things are working with each thing, right? Varna, in a short time, some things won't work. Basically, you will understand if something is happening when you do something. If something is happening, then it's good, you'll know if something is happening when you do something. So, you should always try to understand, you should have a good calculation inside you, what things are happening. Keep in mind what you are doing, what you are trying to do, what you are trying to do, because you can see the business opportunity from there. Otherwise, some things won't work in a short time, and if they start working, then it's okay because it means you are on the right track. So always think about how to do something big, don't back down, always think about something different, something different.

Now, practically answering business-related questions, you will also learn about things in different ways, and as you move forward, you will have knowledge from different perspectives. Because you are doing something, you are growing yourself in action, and business also has to grow. When you learn such things in business that means what you are doing is categorizing certain things in business, when you have to categorize something, you won't be able to do it. You understand, basically, you are seeing a certain thing based on the reality of a situation. 

Let's talk about business again in a slightly different way, meaning I feel like writing a little bus right now, so this is just writing it like

 that. I'm writing this book, it's not a book you're reading, I'm just myself because I'm expressing what I actually am, and forget about doing good for someone else, I'm not writing this book for you, do you think I'm helping you? Absolutely not, I'm writing this for myself because I'm doing what I actually am, showing it to myself, so forget about thinking that I'm helping someone else, I'm doing this for my own understanding and if someone actually wants to learn something from me, they will learn, and I'm learning what I have to learn, I'm showing what I actually am. So, as I progress, if content comes, I'll make videos, and I'll try to broaden and express myself better, because I'm doing this for myself, not for you, because if you understand my thought and clear it within yourself, then you'll see the reality exactly because what I am is what you have everything. So, moving forward, if content comes, I'll keep it free because I don't need anything from you, and I'm doing this for myself, trying to express myself better, if someone wants to learn something from me, they will, and I'm learning whatever I have to learn from it.

Let's try to understand business again.

The One Product Winner.

See, what I'm telling you about the one-product winner is not to just follow it blindly, nor is it to depend on it, you understand? The concept needs to be understood, and it needs to be implemented in your own way, you know, not to physically copy and paste it, meaning not to blindly follow what I'm telling you and start doing the same thing. That's what foolishness is called. You also need to think for yourself, use your intellect, and try to understand what I've done and what I'm trying to explain. So, let's start. Look, the first and biggest and strongest point of business is to think strategically in terms of numbers. Now, most people base their decisions solely on instincts, meaning they think something and then take some action based on it. But in business, you don't need to do that. Forget about what you think; you shouldn't move forward based on that. You should focus on what is actually right, what should be done in reality. Look, what will help you in this is, if you want to know the reality, meaning what is the reality, then you shouldn't move forward based on what you think. You should see what is right, understand? This thing, numbers, things that never lie. 2 + 2 will always equal 4. No force in the world can change that. Understand? I'm trying to say that numbers never lie; take their help. Understand it. Now, find a product or create one that is a market-fit product. Always look at the size of the market according to the numbers, how many people are solving according to the size of the market. This is my own personal understanding. According to that, if you want to figure out your own product first, if you want to sell your own product, then now, even the others will come and send it. So, I've called it the one-product winner, meaning you focus so much on one product, work so hard on it, smartly, work on your one product, and put all the strength, all the intelligence, everything you have on one product. Make it in such a way that no competition stands a chance against it. If that one product can become your entire brand, who knows what it can't do? Always focus on being different. The biggest question is how to figure out this thing, how to create something or a product that is the most different. Because the theme is different, right? The beginning steps are good, but in actuality, how do we do this thing? How do we make it different? This thing needs to be solved. Because our minds work the same way, right? Like in a box. There are two ways in business: either you bring something new by innovating, or you take an existing product, the product that already exists in the market, and sell it differently, with different marketing, different branding, different positioning, making people's minds see it differently so that they only purchase you. Now, the point here is that when we do this, when we try to make it different, both competition and competition cover both points well. So, let's start with how we can sell an existing product in the market differently, taking it differently. Because if we do something different, then someone else will also copy it, you understand? If we make the packaging different, get it patented, it will still be considered different. Otherwise, our competition isn't foolish, you understand? Always remember this thing, what you're doing, a thousand others are doing it, and a thousand others are not fools, they're also thinking the same way you are. That's why you should always not depend on your instincts but on what is actually reality, and something different based on that. First of all, it's necessary to understand your business, what you are, what the product is, what you want to make different, like it's necessary to understand the history of the product, for whom the product is being sold, and for whom it's being sold, meaning for the customers, what is the psychology of those customers, meaning how do they think, what is the depth of thinking, exactly? You should know what the capacity of those customers is and how they think, and what their advocates mean, meaning what you need to know about the people, and then you need to play the game in such a way that your competition can't copy your business, meaning you need to play such a game that even antivirus would play, understanding its entire history, how it was made, what it was made for, what it was made to think, how it was made, now when you understand your product and understand the customers for whom you are selling the product, now you understand the background of those customers, something unique, right? Because now you understand both seniors, you understand what you're selling and who you're selling it to. Now, the understanding that has reached that level that you exactly know what level you're at, now create something from there. It's a little tricky compared to not knowing anything, you know? Still, the fun is in playing the game. Remember, how you're selling and what you're selling, both are very important, meaning what you're selling and how you're selling it, in this, how do you market it effectively, how do you position it with branding, how do you stabilize yourself, if a customer comes and sees your friend, what image should come to his mind first, you should decide that yourself, so play the game like this. Not to laugh but to prove it, to show that if someone asks about your brand, then they should remember the premium segment, understand? Always remember this thing, how you're selling and what you're selling, both are very important, meaning what you're selling and how you're selling it, these two are very important, right? Always remember this thing, and keep this in mind, and keep playing the game like this. And don't be afraid, if you start marketing, then you'll have to sell your product as well, then you'll become a money-making machine, marketing is one of the most high-demanding skills that there was, and will be, that's why this is the most important first and foremost.

Marketing Mindset.

How are you selling it? If you start marketing, then you'll have to sell your product as well, then you'll become a money-making machine, marketing is one of the most high-demanding skills that there was, and will be, that's why this is the most important first and foremost.

See, branding is all about occupying a space in the customer's mind so that whenever they think about your brand, the first image that comes to their mind is what you've designed according to your own standards. The whole game of trending revolves around this concept: when a customer thinks about your brand, what image should ideally come to their mind? You need to first determine if your brand actually exists, meaning your brand should have a clear purpose. It should be evident why your brand was created and what it signifies. You need to make it so specific that you clearly show others that this is our brand and it was created for this purpose, and this purpose doesn't just include us, but you too, or even the entire world. Meaning, we're making some changes in which you're not just involved, but you're included. If we're including everyone, it's like saying, "We're making changes where everyone is involved." You need to make your brand so specific that it presents a clear-cut vision to others, making them understand that this is our brand and it was created for this purpose, and you're also included. It's like showing the world, "We're doing something where you're involved too." So, when explaining branding from a business perspective, it's a broad term, and if you try to explain it in actual terms, people will confuse you with different terms of branding. I'm saying this clearly, with clarity. Now, let's understand branding in terms of business, using an example. Let's take the example of how we'll brand our business. We've already touched upon designing. We were selling spiritual products, so now, the first image that should come to mind when someone sees our brand or hears our name should be something joyful, something that represents a path filled with happiness, the path Gautam Buddha walked on. The point is, how do we feed this image we've created into the minds of our customers when they hear our brand's name? For this, we need to first create our products in a way that clearly conveys the message we want to portray. When a customer sees images of our products, it should be clear to them what the product is trying to represent. For example, if our product is a protective design, the design should be unique. The text, title, and description shouldn't be within the design but outside of it, clearly showing what the product is trying to represent. The design should be complete. Now, when our product is in the designing phase, the design should undoubtedly be a part of it. When looking at the design in this way, customers should immediately feel that this design is unique and has value, something different from other designs in the market. This should be our first priority. Second, we need to showcase ourselves through positioning, meaning, how are we presenting ourselves? This triggers branding. How you present yourself is how the other person will purchase, and how they'll form their image related to you. So, overall, you need to understand what you're showing and how you're showing it, i.e., how you're presenting your product to the customer. Therefore, your purpose should be clear from the beginning. Now, our purpose related to designing is clear. Our specialty is peace. From comedy, we know what's perfect for us, right? Now, when we showcase this premium segment, how will we trigger this premium segment? This is where our branding comes in. Our logo, made in black and white, should be between Gautam Buddha, our brand ambassador. It should be the top-most. Now, our product, what product are we making and for whom are we making it? Now comes marketing, how will we distribute everything? How will we create our marketplace, our own marketplace, like e-commerce, digital e-commerce? The business website will be different in terms of costing, and if you create the website as a marketplace, the costing will be different. If you want to start for free, it's a free mind, meaning, it's possible. You'll have to start through POD marketplaces that already exist. You'll have to load your designer and say they'll give you some commissions. When they sell the product, they'll give you some commission. So, this is how you start, where you haven't invested a single penny. We've done everything, and now our products are ready. Now, let's talk about marketing. We're trying to understand how to expand completely.


The meaning of marketing is something that I just explained. We were thinking specifically about it, so now we can do it this way: first, understand what is happening at which level, then leave your thought level aside, like referring and so on. Let's do something like this: whoever selects our design, meaning refers it, we'll also give them some commission after our design is sold. That's one point done. There are other points too, such as marketing testimonials of the product. How you strategize the testimonial is important. Different types of strategies will be needed, like when we were first doing product research to find out what product to sell. You have to drive your marketing strategies differently. Now, the different questions depend on the business, like for example, for our print-on-demand business, marketing is important, but refer & earn won't be useful. So, it depends on the business. That's why I took an example to explain its definition, to clear the understanding. Business is like the ground reality of this earth that operates fundamentally. Our thoughts can fail from the arrow of diarrow. We need to look at things realistically, from the perspective of nature, and strategically, like looking at numbers. Both are not separate. Nature itself is a part of numbers. Understand what I'm saying? Do something that nature accepts. For example, a tree is a tree; it cannot be said it's not a tree. Similarly, 2+2=4 will always remain; no one can change it.

As you're understanding these things, apply these principles to every area of your life. Even if you're doing a job, see how you can clear your tasks effectively, so your company benefits so much that they can't even think of letting you go. In terms of health, see how much water your body needs, how it should be reduced, how a schedule should be set, and how it should be followed. Only when you test these things will you reach reality.

Let's conclude this chapter. Just like a book and thread, my journey and the start of this book. In the last chapter of this book, I'll talk about some very important things. Please don't miss it.

Chapter 4.

The end of this book chapter, but the beginning of starting the journey to reach the highest possibility of understanding.

In this chapter, I'll share a bit of my story, meaning I'll explain why I'm doing certain things, why I'm writing in this manner, why I'm involved, and why you might be interested in reading or listening to what I'm writing. Essentially, my goal is for doing this to understand clearly why I'm doing what I'm doing, and for us to try to understand together. Whatever I'm writing, I'm sharing something that you should forget first: I'm not doing this for you guys. I'm being honest; I'm not doing this for you guys. I'm doing it for myself because when I write and speak about things, my own understanding becomes clearer. Basically, my understanding and your understanding aren't different. I'm human, you're human too, so just like I can see my understanding becoming clearer to myself, as I write, it deepens and becomes clearer. So, when you listen to me or read what I've written, your thought process will align with mine, and we're not really different. Together, we'll look at reality, trying to see things without any filtering or marketing biases. We'll try to see things as they are, without any manipulation. 

I'm trying to write a book or be a part of this website for a long-term game, as I've explained before. Until I've explored all the questions and perspectives thoroughly, I won't let go of this pursuit. And if possible, I might even upload videos down the line. If I can, I'll incorporate my speaking style into what I write because what I express with my body language is essentially who I am inside. There's no difference; there's no filtering. It's 100% transparency, so I'll try to ensure that in my videos, what I say reflects in my body language, creating an energy flow that connects with you, and you can relate to it.

Whatever I write is a part of this website, and I'll add questions on various topics. Until we've explored all these questions from different perspectives, I won't let go of this pursuit. This is my aim: to explore the possibilities of human intellectuality to the fullest extent, up to the maximum human potential.

So, the ultimate benefit in this endeavor is not just for me but for everyone who listens to me. If you listen to me, my thought process will influence yours, and in a way, you'll be helping me too. It's like we're helping each other. The idea is a bit different, but understand that what I'm doing is ultimately for intellectual growth, to think beyond, where you and I are not separate. What I am is what you are, and if you look closely, you'll see that I'm expressing myself to you. So, if you don't understand anything I'm saying, just spending a few minutes reading my blocks each day will bring about changes within you because what I'm expressing is essentially who you are, viewed from a different perspective. So, just change your perspective a bit, and even if you spend just a few minutes each day reading my blogs, you'll see changes within yourself.

Let's talk a bit about my story. Basically, what drove me to do this, what was my inspiration? In my life, I've faced many setbacks, not just big ones but also small ones. Although I've had some good moments, life has also slapped me hard. I mean, love stories are plenty, but to step out of the cycle requires action. Look, nothing in life is very hard or impossible to overcome if you understand that you're being tested, and many people do it this way, sharing their stories in a way that makes you think they've overcome huge obstacles. But the truth is, it's simple. If you can delve deep into your understanding and see reality clearly, you can overcome any problem easily. There's no hard and fast rule that I did something big or amazing. Because I'm not in the habit of exaggerating things, I speak plainly. It's important to note that this was actually quite small, but there was a lot of struggle. Financially, things weren't good, and on the other hand, due to a useless society, I was in bad company. I mean, I used to hang out with people who drank, and I also started drinking at a young age. There were challenges in different ways, but there was a fire inside me that wanted to do something, not just for myself but for everyone, because when understanding becomes clear, you start seeing things as they are. When I was 14 or 15 and started drinking, I was in such a state of depression that for weeks, I would cry all day. I was in a really bad place emotionally, but I eventually came back to my comfort zone, like habits had set in. It was almost like an addiction, something that was ruining lives all over the world. I won't dwell too much on these thoughts because they're associated with memories and feelings that I'd rather not recall. But the point is, everyone faces such situations, but overcoming them is our basic nature, just like humans have overcome many challenges in the past. 

You see, there's never an ultimatum in life; you should always move forward according to what is. Because whenever you're attached to an outcome, it will always hurt you or it's not 100% true. So, always move forward in life according to what is, not what you want it to be. As you start seeing reality, every little thing will fall into place for you. It means that you start bringing one question after another to every question in your mind until you reach a point where there are no more questions left. That's called the essence of the whole universe, which is oneness. If you don't have the name for it, it will confuse you further because once you name it, you'll try to define it in some intellectual concept, but it has no name; that's why it's present here. If it had a name, it would mix with something else, creating a concept. Because something can only be called absolute if it can be called absolute; if it could be called absolute, it would. This is permanent. You're not this body, this mind, these thoughts, or these feelings you think you are or believe in. It's what's here and what's here is what's connected in this universe. When you actually feel it, you'll understand that even beyond the field of science, there's an energy that's present. When you experience it, you won't be able to put it into words because you won't have words for it. You won't have feelings for it. You won't be thought. It won't be your body. So, understand that as much as you can control, you can do it at that level. Like, but as much as we can, it can be divided into steps, so the first step is to deepen your understanding to the point where you can reach reality. Then, as your understanding becomes clearer, your way of living will naturally change. Then, only you need to see this thing within you, your work will start. This is the universe we're talking about, it's in every tree, it's in every object, it's in every living thing. When you go into its real depths, your understanding will change, and you'll be in a meditative state most of the time, not all the time, but most of the time. And the final stage of meditation is just that, when you remove all concepts because that's all an illusion. So, the marketing world has filled your mind with this illusion of meditation. It doesn't mean or sitting and meditating. It's fake. If it's not fake, it won't work permanently. It's only working because you're sitting for a few hours, but the rest of the time, it's back to normal. So, this meditation won't work. Meditation means you've seen something inside yourself that's actually here in reality, so that's the final stage of meditation. Where you don't need to practice anymore because practice is something you do where effort is required, where you're pushing something forcefully, so it's not that, and what I'm talking about is something that will be and will always be, and everything is connected to it.

When you immerse yourself in this understanding, you realize that love is the only state, just a final state of love. If we try to put words to it, it should be in the form of words, not years. If I speak, people won't forget, and I'll end up in the cant off, because this development, meaning the revolution in your day, please maintain that it's deeply ingrained. Whatever word you use has a belief attached to it, so I don't give names. I can clearly think because I don't give a name to anything, so I don't get tangled in anything. I see things as they are. Now tell me, does the understanding we're discussing truly align with the principles of science? If we look at the energy from which we are made of, then it's clear that we're all interconnected. If you have to do something at the starting level of anything, it's essential, because until you grasp the ground reality, more changes won't come. The understanding you have is based on society. Can the be an illusion right now? We'll consider each thing carefully, right? Our thoughts, basically, are whatever words we keep repeating internally daily. Whatever we say internally is basically our thoughts. Like what I'm saying now is happening very quickly in milliseconds. I'll say something inside me and it immediately appears in your mind. It's happening very quickly, so if you're not able to grasp it, the thought, basically, is whatever we say internally. If we didn't know any words, then we couldn't even think. When we didn't have any language, we still communicated with each other, right? So, what's the revolutionary connection here? It shows that humans have always been connected even thousands of years ago. When humans didn't have any language, they still interacted with each other. And today, when there's language, they still do. It means that understanding is based on information, memory, and experience. Information is also called knowledge, and knowledge is created based on experiences. Whatever you hear, understand, or experience, it's converted into information in your mind. So, this is the pattern of thought, right? Now let's talk about what intelligence is. What's the difference between thought and intelligence? Intelligence is basically a kind of consciousness. If you ask me, everything starts with a word and ends with a word. Can you tell me which direction is up? If you raise your head, you'll see the sky, right? Now, if I ask you, which direction is directly up? You'll also point upward with your mind. But is it actually up? What's our reference point in the universe? How do you know if it's up or down? Everything is decided by humans. It's like Hari's perspective, but there are some things that are absolutely true. So, intelligence is itself a part of that space. When I talk about silence, look, whenever I say silence, you recall the same thing I said earlier. It's an empathy, an empty space, which we've mentioned several times before. It means where there's nothing, that's silence. So, intelligence is also a part of that. When we're not thinking anything, when we're, I mean, there's no word needed to think about anything. So, when there's no word, we think about how, right? So, when we're not thinking anything, when our consciousness is aware, that's where everything lies. It's all about awareness. So, intelligence is a part of that too. When we're not thinking anything, I mean, when we're not thinking about anything, our consciousness remains, which means that when we're not thinking about anything, we're still aware. Now, you might be confused, and let's try to understand it clearly. Whenever we're not thinking anything, I mean, whenever we're not thinking about anything, our consciousness remains. That means, when there's no word, everything lies in awareness. So, now you might be confused, but let's try to understand it clearly. Whenever we're not thinking anything, I mean, whenever we're not thinking about anything, our consciousness remains, and everything lies in that awareness. Now, let's talk about how to bring this into practice. Now, you've understood many things that I've said so far. How do we apply this practically? Well, the first step is done, meaning understanding is clear. I've told you that my understanding and your understanding are not different. In ground reality, I am human, and you are human too. So, the consciousness that exists in you and me is not different. Like, I'm getting clear in my thoughts. If you're listening to me, reading, you're also understanding in your mind what I'm saying. So, we're both human, and we're both conscious. This understanding is now close to reality. We're discovering new things in humans. So, regarding everything I've said so far, my understanding is that this is where it stands. Beyond this, my understanding will become clearer, and I'll question every aspect until I reach the actual reality in front of me. Reality is not a fixed thing; it depends on how deeply you understand it and know about it. There's never a question about why the universe is. Understand that it's like how you look at it. When you filter out everything based on understanding, removing all the beliefs, then you see everything clearly as it is. Like now, we're seeing that humans are undergoing some kind of transformation. If you're not understanding what I'm saying, then expand your life experiences because what I'm talking about, I've understood only after experiencing many things in my life. Like electricity, you haven't explored it much in your life yet. So first, explore your life because I'm talking about understanding the reality as it is. So, once you understand who you actually are, you'll automatically align with your basic nature. This is the reality I'm talking about, that if you just realize who you actually are, you'll automatically align with your basic nature. It means that you'll find yourself in everything you look at. Like, right now, I'm happy when I look at the universe because I know that I am the source of energy working here in the entire universe. I mean, it's working through me or I am it. So, when I look at anything, even the air, I realize that I'm in it. I feel happy because I know that I am the one working here. Or rather, saying that I am it won't be wrong. So, in the same way, when I look at anything, even if I look at a book like the one you're reading now, it's like a tree, right? If you ask how the book came into being, it's made of paper, and paper is made from trees. So, the reality is that it's a tree. Even if you look at the book, it's made from paper, which is made from trees. So, reality works in the same way, depending on how you look at things. So, it's like when you filter out everything based on understanding, removing all the beliefs, then you see everything clearly as it is. So now let's end this. This might seem small because, as I mentioned, it's connected to the website, so it's not small at all, it's actually a very big book. I mean, if you look at it in reality, because I'm writing the same thing here that I write on the website, so there's no difference. That's why it says, and so far, thank you for joining me. Thank you for reading all the way through. Thank you for staying with me. Thank you so much. Now let's meet again on my website.

Thank you.

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