Live Your Life In This Way: If You Have To Live This Life Again, Live It The Same Way You Have Been Living

Live your life in this way: If you have to live this life again, live it the same way you have been living.

In reality, if life is fundamentally seen, there are problems, definitely problems, every life has problems, meaning the fundamental problems of worldly materialistic things that we all face, like not having enough money, problems with relationships, etc. These are fundamental problems that will always exist if seen from a survival perspective. But if life is actually seen as it is, there is nothing more beautiful than life. If actually seen, humans are left with so much happiness. The answer is to live life in this way, not that you are deeply in love with everyone, meaning you joke around with everyone, and the field is filled with happiness. If such a world exists and people are living in it, it means it's true. Many people will criticize or doubt that such a life exists where humans are filled with happiness 24 hours a day. Such a life exists, and people are living it, but the point to understand here is how we can actually live such a life and how we can smartly deal with the fundamental problems in our lives. We should deal with them smartly, not get stuck in them and not understand reality. Understand that problems will come; it's a basic nature of life that problems will come, but we are just getting stuck in it, like when we watch a movie, we know it's a movie, but we still laugh and cry while watching it. We fully enjoy the movie and if a problem arises, we deal with it properly and then go back to our state of mind, you understand what I'm saying.

So first of all, make your mind fully capable, challenge yourself in every way, believe in something and even if not, understand it. Always keep a questioning mind so that you can see things in a visionary way. When you start thinking like this, even big opportunities will become clear to you, this is the action with a possibility mindset. Where people can't see anything, you will also see what is amazing with an open possibility mindset. How will this happen? Put all your beliefs on it, what you think, put it on all of them, and slowly and clearly, you will understand that what seems and what is are completely different. You will raise questions from what seems to be, if this kind of life exists, you can get two answers here, if your mind is of that kind now, as you will think that it's not possible that a person can be happy 24 hours. Now, I will question happiness, what is this happiness you understand as pleasure? Is it happiness? No, basically life is all about understanding. If actually seen, pleasure should never be misunderstood as happiness because pleasure is always temporary, it's given through the senses of the body, if you did something and you felt good, that's it, but happiness is completely different from this state of pleasure, it's about understanding, if life is actually seen, it can be divided into 3 layers, meaning there can be three levels, the first is a problem, a life, meaning the fundamental problems that are there, you can't change them, problems will come in your life, satisfying problems, according to this life, what are the problems? Here, people are only thinking about themselves, how to cheat from this world, how to deal with their work, I am talking about them, so one level is the problem of life, which is positive, meaning laughing and joking with everyone, seeing things that can bring happiness, but it's not there, but still, it's a level of happiness, you are laughing and joking with everyone and not taking tension, but tension will come, that's a different thing, you are not holding on to any thought in your mind, you are letting whatever is coming go.

Now the third level is which is beyond thoughts, beyond humans, I said actually but can you feel anything without your body? Can you feel anything without senses? No, it's not possible, but now let's try to understand this. When you see what is total, clear this completely, thought, what is it, what you say inside, 88, meaning what you say inside, when you stop speaking, they also stop, but we consistently keep saying something inside, so when you understand that thoughts are running all the time, here I am not using maximum, I am saying that all the time, only and only the first level of life, they just move above the individual level and just keep moving around them, some are good, some are bad, just keep moving around here, some good is there, some bad is there, if a little good is there, then you will see there, but the truth is to see it, you have to force yourself a little, you have to try a little to see the truth, but once you understand the truth, it is accepted, now the truth means that like the bubbles of the ocean, what are the bubbles of the ocean, if they have a misunderstanding that I am a bubble, then are they actually bubbles, no, they are just water, they are energy in the form of water, it is not different at all, about this I have talked in detail in my book which is absolutely free on my website, you can also read it there, when you learn to see thoughts, when you learn to observe, what is actually going on in your mind, then you will know that only based on the information in your mind, something is just moving, something will just move, so nothing will happen, so don't hold on to thoughts at all, don't hold on to thoughts at all, whatever comes will go, and what is there, you are there, just keep going looking at it, surrender to it completely, see it in this way that whatever is there, and nothing else, now what I am talking about here is what nature is, meaning here everything is you, you are seeing clouds, that too is you, you are seeing trees, that too is you, you are sending messages to the air, that too is you, everything is you, if you have read this far, I am 100% sure that your understanding must have changed a little, if the answer is still not there, then I just want to say that read it again, I have talked about my three levels, if you understand the third level, then you will automatically understand your second and first level, 

thank you.

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