How To Do Your Work In The Right Direction

"Work" doesn't just mean what you perceive in your professional life; it encompasses everything you do from morning till night. So, how do we ensure that our work is headed in the right direction? Let's talk about it today.

How to do your work in the right direction.


Firstly, let's try to deeply understand everything, what is right, what is work, and what is the right direction. Let's start with the question: What is work?

What is work?

Is work only what we do in our offices or what we consider as work? When we hear the word "work," do we only think about doing something to earn a salary or money? We put effort into every little thing professionally, but is that really true work? Because work means everything we do from morning till night. Basically, can you survive a day without doing anything? No, right? So, what does work mean? It means whatever we are doing, whatever we are engaged in from morning till night, falls under work. Now, the question arises: if it's not done in the right direction, is that work futile? What does the right direction mean?

What is the right direction?

Whatever work we are doing, its end result should be positive for us. Why do I say "for us"? Because Indians do their work for themselves. If you are among the select few who work not just for themselves but for others too, and their self is completely immersed in it, then talk about work. Never associate money with work. Those who work with their heart, never just focus on money. They do it with complete dedication because they have deeply understood life, explored life in great depth. So, when we experience something in life that others cannot, when we find something extraordinary in an ordinary experience and want to share it, we become those rare individuals. Now, what does the right direction mean here? It means that whatever we are doing, whatever work we are engaging in from morning till night, should bring positive results for us. From morning till evening, we unknowingly engage in many futile activities, watch web series, clutter our minds with unnecessary information, and accept it, hoping for a good life. But that's not possible because the actions we take determine the actual results. Basically, action equals result. So, what's happening actually? You are silent about it, try to understand it, think about it. Because whatever you are doing, it's creating an influence for your mind, it's affecting your thinking. You need to decide what kind of life you want for yourself as an Indian. If you want the same life that 99% of people are living, then fine, but if you want to bring a change, then you need to work on influencing your mind's thinking. Whatever you are doing, it's affecting your thinking, and your actions are being influenced by your thinking, they are interconnected. Gradually, you need to work on these two, if you genuinely desire good results, whether in your job or business, you need to genuinely desire what's good for you, understand what's innocent, what's good from your perspective. Because even good things have been misunderstood by people. They start expecting things that are not practical, you understand, right? They start thinking of something else altogether. Here, "good" means what's actually right for you, what makes sense for you. For example, if I'm working for 10 hours, you should expect results accordingly, but some people think of 10 hours as a huge amount and expection results equivalent to 100 hours. You understand, right? Here, I'm not replacing work with hours because work is not about hard work, it's a different topic altogether. We'll talk about it some other time. For now, let's focus on how to do our work in the right direction, how to give our life the right direction, so that whatever we are doing, be it related to our work, studies, or personal life, it's in the right direction. So that whatever result it brings, whether positive or negative, the most important thing is your thinking.

You don't have control over the result of what you do, but you have control over your thinking. What will happen from whatever you are doing is not in your hands, to some extent, you can only predict. Even the actions you are taking right now can only be speculated based on data, there's no 100% certainty. But what's important here, what's confirmed, is your thinking. If you keep your thinking big-picture oriented, if you look at things from a big-picture perspective, they will seem right. Like, if you're doing something related to work or school, think long-term. If you do it right now, like we're doing our work today, it won't just affect our life, understand that it won't just impact our life. If we move forward with honesty and authenticity, with the moral values that are the root of our life, then not only will it impact our life, but it will impact everyone globally. If you do your work properly, then others will also do their work properly, it's kind of creating a chain. Understand that what you're doing isn't just limited to you, it's impacting everyone in the world. If you don't do your work properly, if you don't do it honestly, the effect won't just be on others, it will affect everyone, not just asking you to believe it. To some extent, what we are doing is not just for ourselves, it's for everyone. So, the meaning of big-picture thinking is to see the actual understanding in a deep way. I've touched upon the understanding of reality deeply in my book, which you can read for free on my website. Thank you.

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