Girlfriend-Boyfriend's Joke, The Fake Love

The idea is to create a fake world of a relationship where everything seems perfect, but if you actually see reality as it is, the relationship is not like that. It's totally different from what you think.

Girlfriend-boyfriend's joke, the fake love.


Let's take a look at when we enter into a relationship, why do we often end up feeling sad? When we were teenagers, we understood the most basic nature, which is that we, as humans, want to be socially involved because social involvement also forms a basic part of our features. We want to feel connected to people, understand them, and feel understood by them. But the relationships, the joke of girlfriend-boyfriend, the fake love, has become so common that it has taken a wrong turn. I am saying this after a lot of thought, so please don't take my words in the wrong sense. If you are sitting with a different mindset, you will definitely end up feeling sad in the end. We have given a different meaning to relationships, girlfriend-boyfriend, which is not the case. You need to understand that trying to control someone is not liked by anyone. Think about it, if someone tries to control you, would you like it? If you are told to do something a certain way from morning till evening, would you like it? No, right? So, the point is, nobody likes to be controlled, and unnecessary thoughts have been created in society. Love doesn't mean what society portrays it to be; it's something else. Yes, there is some level of attraction biologically, but it's temporary. You need to understand the difference between pleasure and happiness. Once you draw a line and say that this thing is just pleasure, you need to ask yourself where you want to stand. First and foremost, you need to see people as people, neither boys nor girls, just humans. Understand this cycle, move forward with everyone as humans, and everyone has their own basic nature. I want to understand this basic nature, so I need to spend a lot of time with them, understand them, and understand why they are the way they are, why they are with you. You must have understood it according to your own. Because if you actually understand it, then you accept it instead of trying to control it. You accept that they are the way they are. The message in normal cases is that when a boy and a girl meet, talk to each other, nothing happens, they just want a sense of security that they are not alone, someone is with them. And when conflicts arise, they both come back to their basic nature, and that's when conflicts start, and they both separate. Then both feel sad about it, which has always been the case (laughing).

Understand before making a mistake.

By mistake, I mean that when you understand beforehand what will happen in the end, if you want sadness, then go ahead with these things. If you want pain in your life, then move forward with these things. But if you want happiness for yourself, a good life, then move forward accordingly. Basically, it's cause and effect, whatever action you take will result accordingly. Move forward according to what you want. You just need to understand that beauty always activates. I told you, our hormones biologically attract us to such things, like when a girl looks at a guy, and vice versa. But you need to understand that these things are temporary pleasures, and you shouldn't be affected by them. Move forward according to reality, see things as they are. So, you are seeing something dominantly that everything is separate. When you see reality, understand that what you are made of is the same energy that has created everything in this universe. Like there are two different stones, you can give them any name, but will their nature change? No, they will remain the same. Similarly, if you are seeing something dominantly that everything is separate, then you are attached to something. Before, I have delved into this in many blogs, you can read those too.

The meaning of a relationship is friendship.

Friendship is a relationship, meaning you understand yourself, understand the other person, and there is a great bonding between you and that person. So, whenever a conflict arises, understand that the conflict arises from understanding each other's thoughts. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong because you both understand each other's basic nature. It's something like you understand each other, and it's simple. I am basically promoting understanding that if you understand who you are, understand reality once, then there won't be any confusion that could make you sad in terms of relationships.

'What is the nature of true devotion.'

Thank you.

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