Use Your Words In Such A Way That The Level Of Impact Of Your Communication Is Different

Choose your words thoughtfully. Whatever you're saying, think about it once as if you were someone else, what would you think. That means present your words in such a way that not only your words but also your body language, your energy, and vibe are all aligned in it.

Use your words in such a way that the level of impact of your communication is different.


How to make your communication such that the words we speak have an impact on the listener in a way that they become captivated by us. By that I mean, our words should be spoken thoughtfully so that our communication has an effect. Because communication is an action, and what matters in action is to be seen rather than just the words. It's like weaving a sentence with broken words. Basically, communication is about how you choose your words and with what energy you deliver them. Connecting words with the right energy matters a lot because the listener not only hears what you say but also observes how you say it and what you're actually trying to convey. If there is clarity and honesty in your words, once, I can say with confidence that anyone will like you.

Bring clarity and honesty into your communication.

Say what you mean to say clearly without beating around the bush, in any way. Because beating around the bush means the listener understands. Look, first of all, understand this in your mind that don't consider the listener foolish. The person listening to you is understanding your words. We often think that we can say anything and the listener will believe it, which is not the case. The listener is intelligent and understands. So, whatever you want to say, say it clearly with complete honesty. It may hurt the listener, but say it politely and with understanding. You must have patience and consistency in life to understand things deeply. What I mean by deep is that you want to know something that is the essence of the relationship, both the good and the actual. When I talk about the relationship, I don't just mean physical attraction, absolutely not, that's a foolish thought. When I talk about a relationship, I mean how deeply you can connect with someone, how much you can understand each other's 1% as well as what you can experience with each other. The state which is the end of it all, the picture of the relationship with everyone, whether it's friends, your wife, or your girlfriend, or whoever you are connected with, and how strong your relationship is becoming. You have to experience different things in different ways, to understand the actual. 

Understand the other person.

Until you understand what the other person is thinking, how can you build a strong relationship with them? It's not possible. Basically, everyone's basic nature, that is, the way they think, is different. We all think differently, that's why it's important to understand the other person's thinking. Like, if someone is very emotional, meaning they are emotionally attached to you, then start talking to them emotionally. Keep your sense of humor good and stay with them in your fun mode, but if someone is more practical in their life, then deal with them accordingly. If you deal with things in different ways, then you won't be able to excel at anything, you'll get stuck in one place. You won't be able to do many things great, what you need is to understand things in different ways and then try them out first. And the basic thing of communication is to understand the other person.

Bring wisdom forward, keep emotions under control.

But I'm not saying that emotions, meaning having emotions, are necessary, basically, emotions can sometimes cause a lot of trouble. You can say something foolishly in emotions that can create a lot of problems. Emotional intelligence means speaking with emotions, but don't let emotions dominate you, that only your emotions are speaking first. Because then it will fail miserably, that is, there will be problem after problem. So, what you're saying, say it with wisdom and with the understanding of the listener's thoughts. You have to make a connection with them, you understand, like I gave examples earlier, it has become very good, like the factor of likeability, it matters that we like the people who match our interests. So, you should understand what the listener's interests are. Be clear with the basics and accordingly, you must move forward in life.

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Thank you.

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