Life Is Not About Surviving, It's About Living

Make yourself so strong that whether you face one difficulty or a thousand, you can look it in the eye and say, "I'm not afraid of you. As long as I'm breathing, I'll fight with all my strength." Then, no matter what the struggle is, you'll face it.

Life is not about surviving, it's about living.


Look, one thing you should know absolutely clearly is what you want to do in your life and then just do it, meaning first of all, your mentality should be a Warrior mentality, meaning you have to fight with all your might. Even if something comes in your way, you shouldn't stop, you have to grow with full force. Now, what I'm saying, if you can understand my words actually, if you can see my perspective clearly and then we'll see together, life is not about surviving. First of all, reach a certain level, meaning secure yourself financially, in every smart way possible, see.

First of all, achieve financial security.

Remember this always, take it as a rule, understand the importance of money inside you, as important as oxygen is for living, can you live without oxygen, no right, similarly, no one can live in this world without money, so having money is very important and money should be earned not only through hard work but also through smart ways, meaning see exactly what's happening and then work hard there. I mean, you should clearly have a vision of where you're looking and then work on that path with full intensity, motivation means if you have to do it, you have to do it, then no force in the world can stop you, if you have to do this thing then, like my personal advice, if I have decided that I want to do this thing, for example, if I have decided and thought that I want to become a singer, then I have to become one, no one can stop me, meaning my mentality is like a warrior mentality, fight with full force, smartly, and while looking for smart ways, meaning, while being smart and while putting all your energy into those places.

Warrior mentality.

First of all, calm your mind, then clearly see the vision of what you want to do and then see in how many ways it can be done, then while keeping your entire mind open, where change is needed, change it, where you need to change your ways, start doing it immediately according to your tuition, understand, right now, whatever problems you're facing in your life, first of all, try to sort them out, if you're not strong enough right now, then I'm not here anymore, nothing, nothing at all, just secure your finances right now, no matter how much hard work you have to do, no matter how much pressure you have to put on your mind, no matter how much you have to think, figure out smart ways to do it. Understand the sample of the Warrior mentality, first see your vision, then ask questions, take it to a very far place, and see some vision where only you are not included, the whole world is included, meaning just think if you have some vision about your vision then you should remember it inside, not from the outside, but from inside that yes, I will do something amazing and then stay on that point, don't move, no force in the world can stop you, if this thing has to be done then it's fixed.

Don't forget your crisis ever.

If you have ever failed in your life, then don't call that moment or suggestion a failure, this is a very big thing for me if you see from my perspective because failure is the one that teaches us the true meaning of living if there is no failure, meaning if there is no situation that is causing you pain then what is the fun of living, what is the fun of doing something when you fail badly at it, then what is the fun, that's why getting up and doing that work again, starting anew, is fun because now you will do it differently and you will give more dedication to it now these things might sound a little different, a little bitter, a little harsh right now but remember if you are watching someone with a field with problem I am watching them by putting my eyes in their eyes and saying to them that don't be afraid if one problem is coming then let thousands come, I am still ready to fight today, even now such a thing can give your mentality a different direction.

If you want to achieve financial security, I have written a blog related to it, 'How To Smartly Live In The Terms Of Financial Security'. you can go and read it and you can also follow me on Instagram where I regularly to post self-help content. @blogs.anubhavauthor. 

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