How To Move Your Life Forward Faster

How to flow in our lives like water, just as water flows, always moving forward whether there are stones in its path or anything else. Its nature is to flow. Similarly, how can we become like that? As we delve deeper into ourselves, directing all our energy and thoughts in one direction, which is our center point, where we all exist. Then we will flow effortlessly, naturally.

How to move your life forward faster.


In your life, how do you progress rapidly, meaning, how do you flow like water? I feel like I keep flowing, never stopping. No matter how big a stone is in front of it, water always finds a way around it. Similarly, how do we continue to progress in our lives, no matter how stable we are or how many problems we encounter? First, let's understand this basic fundamental concept of progress. Let's understand what it means to progress, because many people have the wrong idea that progress is solely about achieving a particular outcome or success. They keep breaking themselves based on whether they have achieved a certain task or outcome. But this isn't the correct definition of progress because if you focus only on the outcome, you'll always be stuck, never seeing a clear path forward. Actually, progress means growing, it means learning something daily, both related to your field and your life. It means consistently advancing in the areas where you want to excel.

Keep growing daily in your life.

Firstly, understand the basic fundamental aspects of your personality, and identify the areas where you excel and where you want to progress. You need to define what you want for yourself, just like you define your destination to determine your path. You should know what you want to achieve and hold onto that vision. For example, if you want to be financially free, it doesn't mean being free from money in this world; it means being free from financial worries. Connect your money to your work and see what outcomes your current actions can bring. For instance, if you're a graphic designer, see how much other graphic designers are earning. Understand the potential outcomes of what you're doing and act accordingly. If your current work isn't yielding the desired results, explore other areas that align with your personality and interests. So, we've covered financial aspects; let's delve a bit deeper into other aspects of your life. Let's go with the flow of our lives.

How to flow in your life like water.

Try to understand yourself more each day. Try to grow from within every day. And when I say from within, I don't mean you should stop external activities or not engage in anything. I mean you should engage in activities that help you discover something about yourself, your core values, your inner self. For example, reading this message is a way for you to grow from within. When you engage in activities that align with your core values and what's important to you, you slowly start to grow. So, how do you start this growth journey? Let's explore different dimensions. When you realize who you truly are, you start growing effortlessly, without having to work hard for it. Your mind is already conditioned to observe things and learn from them because you've defined what matters to you. When you define who you are, you start to see things differently, and you start to learn from your experiences.

So, flowing like water means directing all your energy towards one thought, allowing your mind to observe and learn from it. For example, if you want to start a business in a specific category, focus all your energy and thoughts on that category. Whenever you go somewhere, your mind will naturally be drawn to that category, and it will observe and learn from it. Because you've directed all your thoughts and energy towards it, your mind will naturally flow in that direction.

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