Don't Become a Part of This World's Race. Focus on Your Work, But Not as If You're Running a Race

Whenever we think about our work and hard work, we often find ourselves trapped. Because we become a part of a race. I'm not saying that we shouldn't work hard in our work. I'm just saying that we should do our work with more dedication and effort, not because we want to earn more money or become successful very quickly. But because we will learn something new from it. We will grow ourselves in a better way.

Don't become a part of this world's race. Focus on your work, but not as if you're running a race.


In this world, everyone is playing a game with no purpose. Everyone is running behind a race. Everyone is stuck in their own profit, disregarding the losses of others. Let's say we are engrossed in running our careers, but why are we running when the most essential thing, in my opinion, is that a significant part of our lives is related to our work. However, it seems we are closing off avenues for happiness within our work. We are getting tangled up in so much competition that it feels like we are no different from monkeys who, when they see something, always teach how to imitate. Similarly, when we see everyone around us engrossed in a race, we also think of joining it, but it's not like that. If this is the way of life, then life has no meaning. The real joy of life comes when you are growing both internally and externally, with a balanced approach. By 'externally,' I mean logically, professionally, and in every way related to your work. But by 'internally,' I mean cycling your thoughts from your mind in a logical manner, directing them with the right approach.

Don't get tangled up in your own and others' thoughts.

Set the meaning of living life according to your own self-made rules and regulations, in a way that aligns with the life you desire, not how everyone else is living. Just like how we learn something new related to our work and strive to become successful rapidly, it's all with the understanding that there isn't a race going on here. There is so much competition in the world nowadays, but what is matching up in our minds? There is something missing, isn't there? Perhaps you won't earn a little more money, so you won't be able to make as much profit from there, so you'll try to earn less from somewhere else. This competition word creates such a trap in our minds that you can't even think. What does competition mean? It means there's an opportunity in the market, and if you don't seize it quickly, all the money in the market will disappear. But that's not true. It's a trap to get caught up in a massive traffic jam. Even if you're running in it, you won't be happy because everyone in it is only looking out for their own selfish interests. Living such a life is no meaning.

Avoid words like competition and opportunity.

Yes, I'm not saying that these words are wrong, meaning we shouldn't ignore our competition. However, we need to understand it logically. Our cycle of life is being formed in such a way that, living in today's world of advertising, it seems like everyone is participating in some race, but there is no race. Life is so beautiful; just stop and look around, and you'll see that you can find peace even within your work. You can take two minutes to pause and find peace. There's nothing here that will be missed, and I know that money is essential in today's world to sustain oneself, to survive. Money is very important, very meaningful. For this, it's necessary to work hard, to put in effort, but move forward with a floor or with energy. I'm just saying this much, and that energy shouldn't be about acquiring something or achieving something; it shouldn't be about the outcome. It should be connected to your group, something that is completely in your hands, something that you can grow from within. So, direct your energy there, how you can grow within your work, how you can take a genuine interest in your work, from your heart, and do it with sincerity, rather than just running after the outcomes, i.e., money. Move forward to learn something, not just to gain something. That's when life has meaning.

I have written a blog about how to live your life with full courage, and you can go and read it. 'How To Live Your Life With Full Courage'.  You can also follow me on Instagram, where I regularly post such self-help content. @blogs.anubhavauthor. 

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