Do You Find Yourself Open To Trying New Things in Your Life?

Do you find yourself open to trying new things in your life?

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Search For Reality :- 

Let's understand reality. See, reality can be perceived differently from each individual's standpoint. It means that there's no single definition of reality because reality is what we experience in our lives. What we're living is the reality. The word "reality" simply means life. It's quite obvious, isn't it? You should understand for yourself that where we're living is the reality. But the complication, the problem, is that you all are excessively living in your own minds. You've created your own world of thoughts. Why are you entangling yourselves so much in it? The problem is that you're disconnecting from reality. Now, when I say "reality," it can be perceived differently by each individual based on their beliefs. Your beliefs bleach reality. Where did this topic of bleach come from? Initially, I was saying to let go of beliefs because they distance you from reality. Now, I'm saying that when you want to see reality, every person sees it through their own beliefs. You need to understand what belief means. It's something you've accepted or held onto for a long time. You've grasped onto that thing for a long time, but you need to understand it deeply. You need to understand whether that thing is actually true or not. Connect everything to reality. For example, as you're reading this book right now, ask yourself if it's just a book or something else. As you delve deeper, you'll realize that the reality of what I'm reading is something else. The deeper you go, the more you'll understand things in different ways. So, our goal should be to open our perspectives in different ways. Don't just blindly follow one thing in life. Explore different things, push your behaviors and thoughts in different directions. Always look at things in a new direction. This will bring clarity to things. You're trying to understand things in such a way that when you delve deep into your thoughts, you'll understand what's actually there.

Now, let's try to understand reality from the perspective of life. As I mentioned before using the example of a book, what you're reading isn't actually a book but a tree. Similarly, when we look at humans, we understand that our bodies are made up of the same form of energy. As you might have learned in science, our bodies are 80% water. So when our bodies are 80% water, what about the rest? It means that what I am and what you are is the same. We are made up of the same energy. The source of energy that I am made of, you are made of, and the entire universe is made of is the same. So, there's no difference between you and me. We are all the same. This is the state of love. I'll talk more about this later. So, to understand reality means to immerse yourself in something. The more you delve into it, the more it becomes yours. Reality is never-ending; it's like infinity. The deeper you understand it, the more it becomes yours. Because, as you can see, if I explain it in a basic manner, like what you're reading in front of you now, you'll just call it a book. But as you delve deeper, you'll realize that it's not just a book; it's something else entirely. If you try to understand how a tree is formed, you'll realize that what you're reading contains a myriad of things. It's not just one thing. Just like humans, we've undergone countless revolutions and centuries of evolution to become what we are. The source of energy that we are made of is the same, which is why it wouldn't be wrong to say that you are divine. By divine, I mean that I'll explain later. So, the reality is that the air you're feeling right now, if you step outside your house and send a message to the air outside, it's still you. The water you're drinking, it's also part of you. Every living organism you see, like a tree, is also you. Because the tree breathes in what you breathe out, and you breathe in what the tree breathes out. So, what's the difference between you and the tree? None. As you approach reality in your own way, you'll understand more and more things. Even work-related matters can be understood in the same way. If you immerse yourself deeply in your work, explain every aspect of it in such depth that nobody else knows, then you'll be so deeply connected to it that no one can remove you from there. This is how you should live with reality. That means you're not looking at things through any belief you've formed in your mind. You're trying to understand the depth of things and reality. It's when you give birth to a thought in your mind that reality begins. Not when it comes to a full stop.

Questioning is the beginning of everything.

Ask questions about everything you encounter, question every belief you've held so far, question everything. If you're failing at something repeatedly, keep questioning until you reach the depth of understanding. Remove all doubts about everything, and you'll delve deeper into reality. Until then, you'll explore reality to the best of your ability.

So, understanding reality means living with reality and moving forward with it. As reality progresses, reality doesn't progress with it; basically, reality is infinite, like space or the universe. You can immerse yourself in it as much as you can. You can drown yourself in it. It's all up to you. So, I'm just saying, move forward with reality because that's what our true purpose as humans is. Now tell me, everything related to our basic survival has been taken care of. Our basic units have been fulfilled, and we're progressing. You can see how much we've advanced as humans and how well we're surviving. Now is the time to understand what it means to be human because there are so many people now that we're overcrowded. My point is that people are still stuck in survival mode, whereas the population has exceeded that by far. You understand, right? What I'm trying to say is, what will happen if I live with reality? Are these kinds of thoughts coming to your mind too? I understand that your ego has taken hold of you. It will take some time to break it.

Because of the huge population, we understand our basic survival period. I'm made of the same energy as I'm made of the same energy. But we think, what will I get out of it? Look, you won't get anything because you're not permanent in this world. You tell me, will you always live? No, right? What will you get from meeting? Will you always live? No, you'll die one day. So, understand that living according to your own standards is such a moment that you should feel inside during your last moment that the whole meaning has been completed.

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