Why Nature Itself Is Making Us Feel That We Are A Part Of This Universe

Connecting with nature means understanding the true essence of oneself. And one more amazing thing. We are not going to connect with nature, but we are already connected. Just not aware. Because we are so entangled in our created daily nonsense that we are unable to see that we have something so amazing. About which we can't even think. Which we call nature.

Why nature itself is making us feel that we are a part of this universe.



See, when I say "we", it means there is no difference between you and me. The only difference is the information stored in our minds, which is what separates us, nothing else. Because the energy with which I am made, the same energy with which you are made, and with which the entire universe is made, let me explain through an example so you can understand better, like there's a thread. That thread is within me, within you, within every tree, within every bird, within every animal, it's the same energy that connects us all. You must be understanding what I'm trying to say, right? So, it's somewhat like this, when you feel that the breath you're taking from the trees, when you're taking a breath, you're taking it from those trees, and when you exhale, you're giving it back to those trees. So, to feel this energy means there is no difference between you and the tree. It means you are present here, and this entire universe is within you, it's within your being. I know I'm talking a bit too much, but try to understand, because the perspective from which I'm speaking, I'm living my entire life from that perspective because my words and actions are not different. I live in the same way as I speak. As you delve deeper into my words, you'll realize that I'm delving deeper into my own thoughts through my words. I'm not just speaking by thinking, I'm trying to understand my thoughts deeply through my words. So, what I mean is, as we slowly try to understand exactly what's around us, because there are things that are affecting us, right? Because one thing that's always present and never changes is consciousness.


When I say consciousness, I mean, have you ever felt like you're aging? As time moves forward, we all feel like time is moving forward, right? We also sometimes feel like we're aging as time goes on, right? Have you ever felt like you've reached a certain age, like I'm 50 years old now, or I'm 40 years old now, right? So, what is the effect of this? Meaning, something is present here that has never changed, it's slowly moving, that's what's affecting us. Meaning, there's something here that's always present, which is the consciousness that's happening within us humans. It's also happening outside. So, see, now I'm saying that on this tiny planet of ours, in such a big universe, from one tiny country to a small city within that country, and a small village within that city, we live, and there's a thought on it, meaning, it's somewhat like this, just as a fish swimming in the ocean can never know the ocean fully, but it can somewhat know what the ocean is, it can't fully know it, right? So, the same is true for us, as we connect more and more down here, because in today's world, the way our lifestyle has become, where humans, even though they want, can't connect their lives with nature, but we should do that because that's our existence, meaning, we should change our life in such a way that we connect with nature, because every aspect is affected because whatever effect is happening in your life right now, it's happening because of the decisions you've made, because of the actions you've taken, right? Meaning, what you're doing today is going to shape your future, so you should think very deeply about living such a life that even though the selected few years of your life, right (laugh), mean just a few years. But they should be the best years of your life, meaning, the best in terms of your entire potential, in terms of your entire inner capabilities, as far as you can go, you should try to understand it completely.

Achieving your highest possibility as a human with the connected flow of energy nature.

When you understand this thing, the nature, what is the entire universe, you won't be able to separate yourself from it, you'll see yourself in it, and when you see yourself in it and you'll understand what you actually are, then you'll also understand what the nature is and what you are in it, meaning, just as a tree is, so are you, there is no difference between you and the tree, you'll just become much closer to nature. Then love will be born from here, and I'll talk about love in a different way later, but I've created a blog about it, you can read it 'To live fully in love is to be completely immersed in joy. Love is life.'. As soon as you start to understand this answer, what you actually are, then gradually you won't do anything yourself, this nature will make you do everything, meaning, I'm telling you, I'm not making any effort in my life, nothing at all, everything is happening on its own, let's say, this nature is pulling me, such an answer to understanding oneself completely, meaning, understanding the entire existence, understanding the entire universe, because there is no difference between you and this entire universe, every energy is flowing in the same way.

For now, that's all, thank you so much. I think I've talked too much 😅, but it's okay, sometimes it happens.

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