Conquer Your Fears: Simple Steps to Build Confidence and Overcome Anxiety

Remove fear from its roots. Live your life to the fullest with all your courage. Fearlessly.

Conquer Your Fears: Simple Steps to Build Confidence and Overcome Anxiety

Conquer Your Fears: Simple Steps to Build Confidence and Overcome Anxiety

Let's talk about fear today, how can we overcome our fear and reduce our anxiety, how can we improve our confidence, let's see these three different things, I want to talk about them in great detail. I can write, but I try to reach the depth of the meaning of this, the first thing I talk about is the first understanding of fear, what is fear and how does fear come.


If there is conflict in some of our minds, then if such information means that someone has thought that the feeling is attached to the emotions of our story, then what is the chemical source of emotions that comes to us? kind of it's all complete of psychology. First of all, you have to understand that whatever you are afraid of, it is basically not there, it is not a reality in the real world, it is there in your mind, it is there in my mind. Why don't you understand what is happening inside your mind? First of all learn to understand yourself deeply. Because you understand it. You have to understand yourself. Because you don't observe your thoughts. First of all learn to observe your thoughts. The more you know yourself, the more you will know yourself. The more slowly you will look at yourself and think about yourself, the more you will try to understand yourself. This is how the fear that you will die is basically due to which reasons it is arising in the first place. Try to find out the reason. That exactly what is being given to you, why is it being shaped, what is the reason for it, how are you removing the ham layers, you will be thinking in your mind, you will be thinking deeply, what exactly is being shared - Due to which reason is there a majority of chances that there will be no less reason, meaning that you feel like for example. To understand the ghost, first of all you have to understand the ghost in your mind. What is the ghost? How have you created this ghost, meaning what exactly happens to the ghost in your thoughts? The more you question your thoughts in your mind, the deeper you will descend into the death of the thing. As you will repeatedly ask yourself the question, what is ghost, what is ghost, from here on you will slowly see the reality in front of you, then you will find yourself that the meaning of the name ghost is not true in reality. If you match your reality then a lot of things will come out in your mind. As soon as the society comes to you, the reality starts to diminish in the same way. Just as the depth of your reality starts to diminish, the depth of your reality also starts to diminish in the same way. We will not say at all that it will end in a complete way. It is necessary to take some risk in life, just as you want to do something in life, you have to take risk on the vehicle to use it, but it is necessary that it does not lead you towards big failure. That if you are wearing your full belt then there is a risk in the vehicle. Why is it necessary for you to keep your foot on some things? And there are some such fears. That's how our movements are since childhood, just as our nervous system is built in the same way. As soon as we understand the cause of our fear, the reality appears in front of us. As the reality appears in front of us, the fear itself starts coming to an end. We have to act according to the reality and not according to the fear. According to him, I have to move myself forward and live my life with full strength.


Basically, when you think of your thoughts, you find a society not in yourself, because you have created your own mental world, that is why the birth of anxiety begins, because you have created your own thoughts. Thought don't exist in real life, you tell me what you are thinking in your mind, show me your thought, show me the meaning of what you are not thinking or what you have created in your mind, you are worried about them. So this story shows that in today's world there is no point in being a human being. Because the thing which is not made for us is coming out under the pretext, if we stop for 2 minutes and try to think whether what we are thinking about actually exists in me, there are maximum chances that it will not cause anxiety also, see. It is possible in a way, it means that you cycle logically, which is in your mind, it also means that the society has come to hurt you, it is practical too, it is dark, it is as if someone has deceived you in the mind too. Whatever is the method to use, it is very practical and it is normal but also important. You are thinking about it in your mind. This is a sign that your mentality in wrong direction. What is the best way to express your thoughts? Start asking yourself whether what I was thinking is actually true, right now most of the chances are that you will not say it because whatever it means, even in the mind you have accepted that no one has deceived you about the first anxiety and you are still having anxiety. Mainly it is also practical, there are many psychological methods of coming out but one basic and strong method is to try to find its root and then use it to remove the disease from its roots and remove its cause from your mind. Try to reach, so that you can try to completely change your effect. If you have too much anxiety then go to paper pen and write down your thoughts first. There is no format direction in your mind which is organized in the right way in your mind. There is no formation in your mind. First of all, start writing down your thoughts using a pen and diary. Let's take the form of actual thoughts. Draw a line on one side and write down what is missing in the diary. As you become more clear with these drawings, you will see yourself gradually. Where are you staying, what are your actual thoughts, where are your focus and should come.


As you start giving more practice and dedication to your work, you start gathering more information and knowledge for your work, your mind starts increasing in speed and you try to move yourself forward in a complete manner related to your work. The confidence you have in yourself may be that you already know what is going to happen as if you are doing any work and have predicted every single thing with your perfect calculations. You must have shown your confidence in the vehicle. When you become more clear with your thoughts, you become more clear with the clarity of your mind. This is what you do when your thoughts are exactly in one direction and with complete focus, you start pursuing your vision. It seems completely high, because you are trying to do something which is impossible for any ordinary human being to even think of. You gradually become more clear about your work related to your cycle, you gradually become more clear and in that you start becoming passionate about your work and you set a goal to live your life to the fullest. By living life, no one knows anything because it is difficult for everyone, but by living it in our pure way, you have increased the level of confidence in your life. Basically, what is confidence that things will happen as we want? We will have confidence when what we want is happening and we are not clear to ourselves how it will happen if we protect every single calculation with proper accuracy. Because if I do this, this will happen, based on this, this, this. The probability is 30 %. So wherever the probability of your success in any work is almost high. That will boost your confidence automatically.

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